Drug Rehab Center Florida Helps Find Your Triggers

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Deciding to check in to a drug rehab center Florida, or to join sober networks in order to get rid of drug abuse is a difficult first step. However, even more difficult is to keep up the effort despite the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms. This is where recovery process or substance abuse treatment, in a drug rehab Orlando, actually starts.

Use of drugs and alcohol brings about certain chemical changes in the brain. This is the reason why an addict’s brain functions differently when intoxicated. However, once the drug treatment starts and the use of drugs is reduced or eliminated, the brain starts recovering.

Cravings are likely to be intense throughout the recovery process. It is extremely important to control your cravings at this stage or else the effort is wasted. There are certain tips and tricks that can help you pinpoint the triggers and control the subsequent cravings.

The 4 W’s and H

Most patients in drug rehab center Florida demonstrate that although cravings are intense in the beginning, but you can definitely control them if you know ‘who’ and ‘what’ exactly act as triggers. This includes the ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ factors while drawing this analysis. Ask yourself these questions:

  • When do I mostly have cravings?
  • Where do I have cravings most of the times?
  • Who is with me or around me when I crave drugs?
  • What am I doing when I crave drugs?
  • What am I thinking when I crave for drugs?
  • How am I feeling when I crave drugs?

Pinpointing the triggers can help you avoid drugs altogether.

Now You Can Plan

Drug counselors at drug rehab center Florida recommend that once you know the people, events, places, and circumstances that act as triggers, you can plan more appropriately on how to avoid coming across such factors. For instance, do not ever hang out with those old friends who still use drugs and alcohol. Stick to friends who support your efforts and keep you away from old habits.

Likewise, avoid any place or event that makes you crave drugs. For instance, bars, night clubs, parties where alcohol is served, etc. Since alcohol is readily available, drug addicts are likely to relapse. Experts at the drug rehab center in Florida recommend patients to stay away from environments that are linked with drug abuse.

Distract Yourself for the Better

Keep away from activities that remind you of drugs. Besides, distressing and depressing thoughts may also lead to relapse. Therefore, it is highly recommended to indulge in engaging and constructive activities when on substance abuse treatment.

Reading and exercising are two best options you can opt for. Not only will they help you manage to control your cravings, but they will also expand your knowledge base and help you grow strong respectively. Eating healthy food also helps in this regard.

You must have certain hobbies like knitting, sports, video games, etc. Why not go for one that you really love doing? A hobby is an amazing distraction. Simply talking to your loved ones about the situations can also help you to calm down. They love you and will support you in this difficult time.

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