Drug Rehab Center Florida: How Alcohol Affects Your Health?

Orlando Vargas

At drug rehab center Florida, we ask our patients; Do you indulge in drinking alcohol quite often? Well if you are having it for fun and are not an addict, it is fine, but if you are habitual and you feel like having it time to time, it needs to be stopped.

Whether you are a moderate drinker or you take excess alcohol on regular basis, the consumption is not risk-free in both cases. Despite of the risk factor, what is more important is the pattern that you follow for drinking. Since it causes significant health effects to your brain and body, the drug addicts would need treatment from the experts. There are well-known drug rehab centers in Florida that carry out activities and advanced strategies to help the patient recover from this issue.

The article will discuss some of the effects that are caused by regular consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol and the Heart

Excess drinking of alcohol increases risks and damages like stroke, arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeat), cariomyopathy (stretching of heart muscle), and other heart diseases. Additionally, the risk of blood pressure increases four times.

Alcohol and Your Nervous System

As we teach our patients at drug rehab center Florida, alcohol disturbs the brain functions and mechanisms leading to frequent mood swings and behavioral changes. Changing the mental balance and communication pathways, the alcohol immediately brings the anxiety and stress level down which is dangerous because it is not natural. There are many long term and short-term effects of having alcohol; including the thinking disability and lack of decision-making power at the time you are drunk.

Alcohol and Liver

Alcohol majorly affects your liver and blocks its function by not filtering and cleaning up the blood properly. Regular drinkers are at high risk of extreme alcoholic liver diseases like hepatitis, cirrhosis (scarring of liver), fibrosis and fatty liver diseases etc.

Alcohol and Pancreas

Pancreas is responsible for producing digestive enzymes for your body that breaks down fatty acids and control the blood sugar. Drinking too much alcohol can result in chronic pancreatitis in which you pancreas suffer from continuous inflammation. Likewise, it also causes acute pancreatitis where the inflammation is for a short period of time, as we have seen at drug rehab center Florida.

Alcohol and Cancer

Alcohol directly harms your inner functions of body in a way that can lead to cancer. It increases the risk of various types of cancer in a person’s body by 50% as compared to the person who never drinks or smoke. The various types of cancer include liver, mouth, throat, breast and oesophagus.

Mental Health And Disturbed Life

Since the excess intake of alcohol will affect the nervous system and brain parts, it will naturally cause disturbances in your personal and professional life. You are likely to break the relationships in anger and probably lose the people you love. Likewise, when you are working in your office, you are pissed off sometimes that will result in poor performance. You might e at a risk of losing your job.

Considering all these harmful effects on your body, brain, and life, the alcohol users must bring this addiction to an end as soon as possible. Seek the best drug rehab centers in Florida and live a happy and healthier life again.

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