Drug Rehab Center Florida – How to Prevent Relapse

Orlando Vargas

Relapse after recovery is inevitable and is part of the recovery process in a drug rehab center Florida. Studies show that relapse rates for addictive diseases can range from 50% – 80%. However, this return-to-substance behavior can be prevented by looking out for warning signs and avoiding the impending relapse.

Relapse behavior is not immediate and is usually followed by the warnings. A major key to avoiding relapse is identification of these trigger signs and avoiding the impending relapse. Some of the key signs include:

  • Avoiding The Cure

    One of the most important warning signs that should be taken seriously is when a patient in recovery avoids the drug rehab center Florida treatment. After recovery, most of the drug rehab center Florida program consists of a support network that monitors the progress of the patient to avoid any possible relapses. This support network mainly consists of AA meetings that are held at regular intervals. When a patient stops going to these recovery programs, it should be taken as a serious warning sign as they are disconnecting from their treatment and failing to acknowledge sound recovery.

  • Reminiscing About The Good Times
    If you see an addict remembering their past in good terms and romanticizing about their experimentation with drugs, then it is a strong warning sign. Forgetting the misery of drug abuse and remembering only the good signs can mislead you to believe that may be drugs weren’t that bad at all.
  • Being “ Dry Drunk”

    During the drug rehab center Florida recovery treatment, most patients are educated in identifying the behavior that is characterized when they are under influence. The objective is that they learn to recognize the behavior and its consequence when they were using drugs. Their behavior can be characterized by irritability and frustration. When such behavior reappears even without being under influence, it is a warning sign and should be paid attention to.

  • ‘It Won’t Hurt’

    When you start thinking that you are cured and one more drink or a snort won’t hurt, then you should immediately seek support. Such thoughts might inspire you to resume drug abuse and leave you powerless over the temptation of drugs.

  • Hanging Out With The Old Crowd

    When you start seeking out the company of your old friends and acquaintances from your drugged days, then you are heading towards a dangerous territory that is usually the harbinger of an impending relapse.

  • Averting The Good Habits

    To facilitate recovery, many therapists usually ask you to hold on to certain elements that will bolster your recovery process. These elements include keeping a diary, visiting sober friends and taking part in activities such as sponsorship programs and AA meetings. When you start avoiding these activities, you are subconsciously rejecting the sober life and seeking to go back to old behavior.

Relapse is a part of the process and should not be taken as treatment failure. When you relapse, it shows that you still have progress to make towards a sober life and therefore need more support. Many drug rehab center Florida provide an effective relapse management program that will not only avoid further relapses but also strengthen your treatment.

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