Drug Rehab Center Florida Journey for an Alcohol Addict

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If you have been an excessive consumer of alcohol, been dependent on it, experienced the withdrawal symptoms and have relapsed, then you should take responsibility to seek help in controlling it from a drug rehab center in Florida. With existing triggers and without getting admitted in a rehabilitation center, the addiction can have serious repercussions.

The rehab centers in Florida have proved to be the right choice for drug addicts who get the benefit of professional help in dealing with their emotional, psychological as well as social issues while successfully overcoming their addiction.

Becoming an in-house patient often appears to be scary for some. However, most centers pair up their patients for accommodation during treatment so as to avoid feelings of homesickness or loneliness and to promote constructive relationships. They will be provided with uninterrupted care.

On the other hand, if you have any social obligations like being the head of a family, then rehab centers will offer you with their outpatient services. But, this type of treatment does not include medical support.

Table of Contents

Getting Treated

The treatment programs are based on the philosophy and standard of the rehab. Irrespective of the number of days, these tend to include the processes of detoxification, therapeutic addiction treatment (individual and group), aftercare services with the aim of providing you reliable and professional care, support and motivation that would promote good health and better chances of recovery. The program is customized to suit your needs depending on the severity of your situation.

Stage 1

Detoxification becomes the first step for those who are intoxicated when they are being admitted at the rehab. With medicinal assistance to avoid agitation, nausea and seizure, the staff ensures that your body system is clean of alcohol.

Drug rehabs dealing with alcohol addicts use FDA-approved medications like benzodiazepines, acamprosate, naltrexone, and disulfiram that help keep a check on cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Whether you have joined the rehab facility on your own terms or because someone had intervened, the initial days at the center are spent trying to make you stable.

Early counseling sessions will be aimed to make you realize their reasons to addictions and plan a relevant and realistic strategy to overcome it. If there are some psychological issues specific to the patient, individual sessions will be conducted; otherwise, group therapy will always be preferred. You will be encouraged to be open, honest and serious about living a clean life. The more readily you participate in these discussions with a trained counselor and interact with others at the facility, the better you will gain support from them. The frequency of these session decreases with greater recovery.

Stage 2

The professionals help you re-discover yourself. You are taught coping strategies and social skills to try and maintain your sobriety. Also, contracting or contingency management have proved useful at this stage.

Stage 3

If you feel that the in-patient rehab program improved your life effectively, then you would like to pursue the counseling and screening on an outpatient basis or may even enroll in a support program for other alcoholics.

The success of the rehab journey for an alcoholic can be measured by their use of alcohol, period of abstinence, health, and social functioning.

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