Drug Rehab Center Florida – Risk Factors of Drug Abuse

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Our drug rehab center Florida therapist know that drug abuse is regarded as a chronic disease, and must be treated at the earliest. Avoid the issue, and you will have to face serious consequences. Though any one can become a victim to abuse, there are a certain people in whom the chances are higher. Here is a look at the main risk factors of drug abuse.


Surprising as it may seem, genetics play a keen role in falling a victim to abuse. If there is a family history of addiction in your case, chances are even you might become affected. Though this is a characteristic of genes as well, another probable cause is that family members go through nearly the same set of circumstances and situations.

According to a research, if addiction is in your family, your chances of becoming an abuse also increase by six times.


Studies claim that there are 50% more chances of a male becoming an addict instead of a female. In fact, if you visit a drug rehab center Florida, you will find most of the patients to be male which backs up this research.

Mental Illness

One of the prime causes that lead to drug abuse is depression. As such, if things are wrong in your life, your stress levels will rise, and you will become more anxious. Consequently, you may want to turn to drugs to improve your situation and will likely become a victim.

Depression is such an important factor that every drug rehab center Florida focuses on addressing depression during treatment. Until this is done, there is no chance that the patient can recover.

Peer Pressure

The friends you keep and the people you live around have a significant effect on your habits and lifestyles. If any of these take drugs, they will want you to do the same. This is particularly so for the younger generation.  Make your friends carefully and adopt good company so that this cannot be.

Family Behavior

If you are not close to your family and there are issues between you, you might switch to drugs. However, maintaining good family terms can prevent this.


A lonely person often develops a drug habit because he is bored with life and feels he has not much to do.


If you suffer from a tragic incident such as divorce, a breakup or a death, you may become extremely stressed out. In many cases, such people turn to drugs so that they can feel better and somehow forget what happened in their lives.


Some substances are highly addictive and can lead to abuse at a faster rate than others. Examples of these are heroin and cocaine.

If any of the above is true in your case, avoid using drugs. Once you start it, you many develop an addiction, and it will be difficult for you to stop. For those who are already a victim, start seeking treatment from a reputed drug rehab center Florida.

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