Drug Rehab Center Florida – The Nicotine Trap (Part 1)

Orlando Vargas

Part 1: Understanding Addiction

Drug rehab center Florida studies show that the nicotine lair is best described as highly addictive and highly destructive. Exploring it with smoking is not only a physical addiction that some people are tempted to believe. It’s a combination of social habits, hard to break from, and have powerful symptoms for withdrawal like anxiety, anger and hostility. You can fight the “reward system” that is associated with and activated by nicotine intake by getting help with the treatment programs of drug rehab center Florida.

What is Nicotine Addiction?

A chemical substance found in the tobacco plant, nicotine has habitual users craving for it both physically and mentally. Many of our drug rehab center Florida patients get intense cravings for nicotine. Apart from the cigarette smoke, the effects are consciously created by means of cigars and pipes whereas some people also seek the smokeless tobacco. While the figure of cigarette smokers can said to have dropped recently in USA, it is the substitute of smokeless tobacco that is on the rise. At drug rehab center Florida we have seen this rise in our intake information. Sucked, chewed, or taken through the nasal passage, these products are ensuring that the addiction remains strong. The majority of addicts that have sought help at drug rehab center Florida reported to quickly become accustomed to using it in specific situations such as after meals, making it a heavy concern for reasons of health care and the lost productivity among adults.

The Dependence

As harmless as it seems to be, nicotine is similar in its behavioral symptoms to those that arise from addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. Drug rehab center Florida clients who find it hard to quit, in fact, do, “know” that the nicotine in cigarette which they are smoking is injurious to health both personal and those of others around them. It is despite knowing that smoking reduces the span and the quality of their lives itself that their cravings remain difficult to overcome even during treatment at drug rehab center Florida.

We ask our drug rehab center Florida patients, Why is it hard to quick smoking? And many of drug rehab center Florida patients answer; Well, simply because it is such a great stress relief provider. Even though the relaxation, mood elevations, and increasing heart rate experiences are short-lived, as soon as the body is free of the drug, it’ll long for another shot at it. It is a vicious sort of dependency.

Considering smoking, apart from the genetic mutation and other dangerous consequences, secondhand smoke brings into effect more harmful chemical reactions that people are continually exposed to and pressured for, for entering treatment at drug rehab center Florida.

The Effects and Symptoms

Treatment at drug rehab center Florida teaches its patients that nicotine influences both the mental and psychological as well as physiological sides. The different effects of nicotine in human body, of people seeking treatment at drug rehab center Florida, include increased blood pressure, increased activity of the intestines, increased phlegm and saliva, increased nausea, diarrhea, sweating, better mood and better memory and alert level, and lowered appetite.

Generally, women smokers, that end up at drug rehab center Florida, are prone to earlier menopause and if women older than 30 especially are taking it along with oral contraceptives, they increase their chances of contracting cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases. Counselors at drug rehab center Florida feat that pregnant women have to deal with the risk of either premature babies or stillborns.

Since it can be obtained quite easily legally, it is common to see people expending it openly, its smell lingering in their clothing and hair. The symptoms, likewise, are not hard to hide. When you see that it’s no more an occasional or social habit, when they display withdrawal symptoms like sweating and shaky hands and cannot quit on chewing or smoking, continue to smoke in spite of medical issues, use it to feel normal and are a no-show at events that prohibit tobacco use, you can be sure of their addiction. Get them help at drug rehab center Florida.

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