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Living at a drug rehab in Florida for a full month is one of the most effective treatment programs for addiction. A lot of people believe that this is only for the celebs and the models because of the costs involved, but that is not so. Even you can avail drug rehab Florida programs at very affordable rates and chose whether you want inpatient or outpatient services.

Addiction is regarded as a disease of the brain that has a genetic and behavioral component. As such, addiction can be compared to other chronic diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes. These diseases cannot be cured with medicines, but behavioral changes can. Obviously, if a person falls back to his old ways, he can suffer from a relapse. However, if he has ever been through a drug treatment program, he usually returns to it again and develops the skills again, and the second time is easier than the first.

So why are drug rehabs so successful? The answer to this probably lies in the fact that a patient is treated in different phases. Here are the most common of these.


Detoxification is a phase that takes around four to five days. The patient has to stay at a hospital or a rehab facility so that his condition can be stabilized. The patients will have to cope with different symptoms such as paranoia, depression and tremors as they initiate the recovery program. Other patients may have to deal with personal or legal problems which became the cause for their addiction.


A lot of addicts have a few things in common. Two of these are psychiatric problem or traumatic incidents. Many of the addicts usually suffer from depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. They may also have gone through distressing incidents in life. As such, most rehab programs are linked to therapy groups and sessions with a psychiatrist.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy is conducted so that a patient can realize which specific situations trigger abuse. Having determined these, the patient is switched to alternative solutions and plans. For instance, if a person is used to consuming alcohol after a fight with his episode, he is made to learn to stop those fights by other methods. For instance, he can count up to ten or attend a counseling session to divert his mind.

Family Therapy

Family support is one of the most contributing factors for a successful recovery. This helps a patient in nurturing and building damaged relationships. As a long as family supports the patient and provides him encouragement, there is a good chance that he would recover rapidly.


There are quite a few medications that can help an addicted person and they have been approved by the FDA. For instance, Campral is a great aid if you want to avoid alcohol, whereas Suboxone helps patients in staying away from heroine. The most notable effect of these medicines are that they reduce common withdrawal symptoms and the cravings.

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