Drug Rehab Center Florida- Types of Drugs and Their Effects

Orlando Vargas

According to our research at drug rehab center Florida, drug abuse has become widespread among the classes of society specially teens nowadays. The consumption might give the instant sense of pleasure and relaxation but the long-term effects are highly hazardous to health. Around 40 million people consume drugs in United States according to National Institute of Health.

It is difficult for a person to get rid of this addiction easily unless he/she seeks any professional help. Best drug rehab centers in Florida are providing some quality treatments for their patients to overcome this addiction.

The article will highlight some of the harmful drugs that must be avoided if a person want o live longer and happier.


Heroin is among those illicit drugs that can be snorted, injected, or smoked. It is a sticky substance that comes in white, black, or brown color. The drug has a strong impact on blood pressure, breathing, pain, and pleasure perception. It is because heroin coverts into morphine and combined with brain and spinal cord receptors gives you a sense of drowsiness, nausea, heaviness in the body, and euphoria.

Because of the high risk of addiction, an addict might be dependent on the drug and need it on regular basis. Prolonged use can cause liver/kidney diseases, collapsed veins, pneumonia, and other infections.


Hallucinogens, usually taken in tablet or capsule form, are made from lysergic acid found in specific type of fungus. On taking the drug, some of the body’s important functions like muscle control, behaviors, mood, and sensations are highly effected due to interruption in levels of neurotransmitter serotonin.

The major effects include panic attacks, intense emotional mood swings, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, and fear of death. It can be treated with therapies and programs offered in drug rehab centers. The withdrawal therapies provided by advanced drug rehab centers in Florida have been very successful for many patients.


Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, is made from dried leaves and flowering tops and is usually smoked. The resin cannabis is in powder form that can be ingested orally. The short term effects of this harmful drug increases heart and pulse rates while its prolonged use leads to physical and intellectual impairments.


Ecstasy, usually supplied in tablet or powdered form, is a psychoactive drug that intensify the empathy level within the user. The regular intake of ecstasy can cause harm to body organs and may cause heart failures. Anxiety, depression, and visual hallucinations are some of the long term effects that are caused by ecstasy.


Cocaine comes in the form of white powder, which is usually snorted, sniffed, or injected. It can also be smoked when found as crack, a solid rock like substance. When ingested, user feels a sudden sense of pleasure and increased energy levels. Its harmful effects include increased hart rate, behavioral changes, and other serious damages to your body.

If you want to avert your drug addiction and fight against all the harmful effects discussed in the article, get yourself the best treatment. There are drug rehab centers in Florida that are known for successful recovery of many patients their advanced and quality treatment.

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