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For alcohol addicts who are going through addiction treatment services, or have already completed one at a drug rehab center in Orlando Florida, Alcoholics Anonymous or AA meetings are usually suggested by their rehab supervisors. Many people try to visit these meetings on their own since they want to stay sober and don’t want to experience a relapse. In both cases, AA meetings can be quite ideal for alcoholics who are looking for some motivation and determination to keep away from going back to their addiction. Every AA meeting is different from the other and you can simply enjoy the experience of learning something new every time you visit one.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Center Tip 1 – Finding an AA Meeting

The easiest way to find a meeting near your house is to look for one in the phone book. The contact information of these meetings is usually listed under the Alcoholism section. If you have visited a drug rehab center Orlando Florida, you can also ask them to suggest you where to look for AA meetings. Another easy way is to search for these meetings in your area over the Internet. You can also get mobile apps for AA meetings that are designed to aid you in the recovery process.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Center Tip 2 – What Type of Meeting Should You Attend?

AA meetings are of two types. Open meetings are generally available for everyone who wishes to attend them. Closed meeting on the other hand can only be attended by alcoholics. If you think you still classify under the category of alcoholics, closed meetings are the right choice for you. If you are unsure about your current addiction status, you can ask someone at the drug rehab center Orlando Florida you have visited.

However, it is better to start off with an open meeting first. The key issue here is not the type of meeting but actually going to one. No matter what type of meeting you select, you should be consistent in your visits. You cannot gauge their effectiveness unless you have been to at least six AA meetings.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Center Tip 3 – Is Talking Necessary?

Many people avoid AA meetings because they think they will have to share their experiences. Talking at an AA meeting is as much your own choice as going to one. You may be asked to talk during a meeting but you always have the option to pass and keep your experiences to yourself.

If you want to stay out of focus, it is better to arrive early and take a seat that will not make you the center of attention. Arriving early will also provide you with a chance to talk to others and get to know them. Ask anyone at the drug rehab center Orlando Florida you have visited to help you find an AA meeting that can be helpful for you.

Orlando Alcohol Rehab Center Tip 4 – Is It Necessary to Attend the Whole Meeting?

Many people may find it difficult to stay at the meeting for the entire duration since they might feel uncomfortable or emotional, thinking about their time at a Orlando drug rehab center Florida. In any such instance, there is no need for you to feel trapped. You can take a leave from these meetings anytime you want if it gets too overwhelming for you. However, when you want to leave, make sure you are polite and don’t cause any disturbance.

Leave when someone stops sharing their experience since leaving in the middle can be disturbing, rude and discouraging. In the initial meetings, try to get seats near the door so that if you want, you can leave without drawing much attention to you. However, it is better to stay for the whole meeting because everyone present there has something useful to share with you.

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