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The last several years that House of Freedom has been providing drug and alcohol rehab services, they have seen an increase in the use of Crystal Meth as a primary drug of choice. Crystal meth is short for crystal methamphetamine. It is a recreational drug with psycho stimulant properties. It tinkers with the brain’s dopamine system and gives the user a false sense of happiness. It is a deadly drug that can destroy the mind and body of any individual. As the mind of the user becomes more accustomed to the pleasure, the level of craving also increases to maintain the level of pleasure. Let’s take a look at the harmful effects of crystal meth on the mind and body.

Orlando Drug Rehab Crystal Meth Effect 1 – Excessive Weight Loss

According to drug rehab center Orlando Florida experts, the use of crystal meth can lead to excessive weight loss. The properties of methane are such that they reduce the need to eat or drink. The appetite is lost and users of this drug can go on for days without food. This results in excessive weight loss without your brain actually realizing it. These eating disorders mean that your body loses essential nutrients and vitamins which make you weak and leave you vulnerable to disease.

Orlando Drug Rehab Crystal Meth Effect 2 – Effect on Skin

The effects of crystal meth are very visible. The skin is the obvious place which gets affected the most by this drug. Christian drug rehab center doctors believe that meth users get a lot of acne on their face as the hormonal balance of their skin is affected. The skin loses its luster and elasticity. This can make an individual look decades older than his actual age.

Orlando Drug Rehab Crystal Meth Effect 3 – Mental Disorders

Doctors at drug rehab center Orlando Florida believe that crystal meth users can also experience mental disorders after continuous usage of the drug. Since the brain loses its ability to make decisions, its other functions are also blocked. Chemicals are used to make crystal meth. These chemicals are so deadly that they can stop brain function all together. Addicts may experience hallucinations, emotional discomfort, confusion and pain.

Orlando Drug Rehab Crystal Meth Effect 4 – Sleep Disorders

Crystal meth can take the brain into hyperactivity and cause a lack of sleep. A lot of addicts report staying awake for days. This sleeplessness does not allow the body to recover from trauma and thus causes fear, anxiety and anger. Constant drug abuse can lead a person to enter a psychotic state and recovery from that scenario is increasingly difficult.

Orlando Drug Rehab Crystal Meth Effect 5 – Heart Problems

The heart is the most important organ in the body and its good health is crucial to your survival. Experts at Christian drug rehab center believe that crystal meth can even cause heart complications. You are likely to experience increased heart rate and will be much more vulnerable to experiencing a heart attack.

Orlando Drug Rehab Crystal Meth Effect 6 – Meth Mouth

Meth mouth is the common term used to describe the mouth diseases caused by the use of crystal meth. Christian drug rehab center experts believe that meth abusers are likely to get discolored teeth which can break and rot over a period of time. The salivary glands will also dry out. This means that cavities will eat away at your exposed teeth. Christian drug rehab center experts believe that the extent of tooth decay varies depending on the amount of meth that is consumed.

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