Drug Rehab Center Orlando Florida – The History of Ecstasy

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Ecstasy is a popular drug, it’s among the most widely consumed in the United States, and we are seeing more addiction cases of ecstasy in drug rehabilitation services. The full name of the drug is methylenedioxymethylamphetamine (MDMA). It was initially created as a diet pill but never used for this purpose. It is criminalized in most countries as it is considered to be harmful to human health. This drug creates a positive effect on the mind and body of an individual. According to doctors at drug rehab centers in Orlando Florida, it distorts sensory perception and time. It works by flooding the brain with serotonin which is a feel good chemical. Ecstasy is normally taken in the form of a pill and is available in a variety of colors. Some believe ecstasy to be one of the safer illegal drugs, but experts argue that it is just as dangerous as the others. Let’s take a look at the history of ecstasy and how it has been used over the years.

Orlando Drug Rehab Ecstasy Education 1 – Early History

According to workers at a drug rehab center in Orlando Florida, (MDMA) was at first patented by the German pharmaceutical company Merck in 1913. It was meant to be used as a diet supplement. However, the company decided not to market the drug and moved on. Later, experts reexamined the chemical structure of this drug to find out more. In the 1950’s the drug was tested by the United States military as they searched for the serum compound. But even at this stage no work of value was done and the true components of the drug remained a mystery.

Orlando Drug Rehab Ecstasy Education 2 – The Discovery

Experts tell us that Alexander Shulgin was the man who found the actual use of MDMA or ecstasy. He was a well known doctor at that time working in the United States. He started administering the drug to his patients and soon discovered its psychedelic properties. He started studying the contents of the drug in more detail. Soon the drug had become a recognized tool in psychotherapy as it could alter behavior.

Orlando Drug Rehab Ecstasy Education 3 – The 80’s

According to experts at a drug rehab center in Orlando Florida, the 1980’s was a time when things changed for this drug. The use of the drug was increasing rapidly and it had become public knowledge by this time. Ecstasy was also nicknamed the love drug as it could alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress while at the same time inducing feelings of goodness. The drug became common with party goers who consumed it in large quantities. Music lovers and rockers also used this drug and soon it became a part of subculture.

Orlando Drug Rehab Ecstasy Education 4 – The Ban

In 1985 the drug received wide scale media attention for its negative properties and it was then officially made illegal in the country. It was claimed that the drug had no medical use and was only being abused by the youth. Experts at drug treatment centers in Orlando Florida believe that ecstasy can cause a number of different problems such as dehydration, hyperthermia, seizures, etc.

Orlando Drug Rehab Ecstasy Education 5 – Current Scenario

Doctors at drug treatment centers in Orlando Florida believe that despite the banning of the drug over 25 years ago, it still continues to be used for recreational purposes. Anyone can get their hands on the drug if they have the money to buy it.

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