Drug Rehab Florida – Abuse of Prescription Drugs in Orlando

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As a leading drug rehab in Florida, we have to keep up with the latest statistics.  A recent study conducted on the citizens of Orlando revealed that prescription drugs are the leading cause of drug abuse. With as many as 4000 prescription drug abuser currently presiding in Orlando, it is important to know about prescription drugs and the necessary measures to counter their use.

Drug Rehab Florida – What Are Prescription Drugs?

Drugs that are prescribed to a patient to aid him in countering a disease or to help him achieve a better health are called Prescription Drug. Most of the prescription drugs elicit the same chemical response as illegal drugs and therefore are abused by many. A Majority of teenagers abuse prescription drugs due to their availability.  Many of these teenagers need drug rehab Florida services.

Drug Rehab Florida – What Are The Most Abuse Prescription Drug In Orlando?

Hydrocodone is the most abused prescription drug in Orlando. Usually given as a pain killer, this drug is known to be addictive. Some of the other most frequently abused drugs are Vicodina,Valium and Oxycontin.

Drug Rehab Florida – Are Prescription Drugs Damaging?

Yes! Prescription Drugs can be as damaging to your body as any other drug. Some of the known effects of prescription drugs are:

  • Amnesia
  • Hallucinations
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Liver Diseases
  • Death due to high dosage

Drug Rehab Florida – How To Identify If Someone Is Addicted To Prescription Drugs?

Any change in the behavior of a person should be a red flag for addiction. However, some of the known signs and symptoms of drug-seeking behaviors are:

  • Frequently taking the medicine without the required prescription
  • Injecting pills using syringe or snorting the powder
  • Borrowing or stealing the medications from other relatives and family members
  • Consuming the prescription in greater quantity
  • Consulting a number doctors for similar conditions
  • Forging Prescriptions
  • Using other’s prescription to get  medication

Drug Rehab Florida – Why Is There An Increase In Prescription Drugs?

One of the reasons for their rise is their availability. Most of the households store basic drugs for medical reasons and are unaware when their medications are missing. Online pharmacies and lax sales law also makes sales of drugs to children and teenagers comparatively easy.

Drug Rehab Florida – How Can Addiction To Prescription Drugs Be Treated?

To counter addiction to prescription drugs, seek support from an elder or a medical representative. Most of the drug rehab centers in Orlando Florida provide specialized treatment programs for people fighting drug addiction. In a drug rehab center Florida, you will be equipped with stress management and life coping skills that aid you to recover from the addiction.

Along with the stress management skills, a drug rehab center will also provide you the required support and comfort that is necessary to help in coping with the addiction. Some of the support programs include community support, sponsorship programs and group support programs.

Drug addiction is a known chronic disease that affects not only the lives of the abuser but also the family members and friends. To help someone who is addicted to drugs can be a daunting task and can be emotionally taxing on you too therefore, seek the support of your family members and friends to help you recover better.

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