Drug Rehab Florida – Facts About Marijuana

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Drug Rehab Florida – What Is Marijuana And What Are Its Kind?

Marijuana is a green, brown or gray mixture of shredded leaves that are dried in the sun. This mixture also includes seeds, stems and flowers of the hemp or cannabis plant. It is most commonly known as pot, herb, weed, grass, hashish and hash.

Drug Rehab Florida – What Are The Effects Of Marijuana?

Marijuana in any form is considered as psycho-active. They change how the brain works. It contains more than 400 known chemicals that include intoxicating chemicals like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana’s potency and strength depends on the concentration of THC.

Drug Rehab Florida  – What Happens When Marijuana Is Smoked?

The effect of marijuana depends on the content of the smoke and the person inhaling it. Some people feel nothing when they smoke marijuana. Others feel relaxed or high, while some experience sudden feelings of anxiety and paranoid thoughts.

Regular usage of marijuana is related to mental problems such as anxiety,  depression and an amotivational syndrome, which leads to loss of drive or ambition. Marijuana often makes users feel hungry.

In the short-term, marijuana can cause:

  • problems with learning and memory;
  • distorted perception of the physical world;
  • diminished motor coordination; and
  • increased heart rate.

Drug Rehab Florida – What Activities Are Likely To Be Affected By Marijuana?

Learning: Marijuana has indiscriminating effect on attention and memory which makes it difficult not only to learn something new but to do complex tasks that require focus and concentration or stringing of a lot of information sequentially.

Sports: Marijuana is known to have an impact on the coordination, timing and movement that can lead to poor athletic performance.

Judgment: Marijuana is also known to have a serious impact on making judgments and reduce control that affects the decision-making capabilities of the user.

Drug Rehab Florida – How Does Marijuana Affects The Brain?

Marijuana exerts its influence on specific sites in a brain called as cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are known to present themselves in cerebral region of learning, delight, memory and coordination.

Drug Rehab Florida – What Effect Does Smoking Marijuana Have On Lungs?

Marijuana smoking can lead to various respiratory problems that include coughing, nasal perforation and a greater risk of lung infections like pneumonia. Marijuana smoke consists of a toxic mixture of gases and tiny particulates that are known to accumulate on lungs surface and harm lungs.

Drug Rehab Florida – Why Should I Quit Smoking Marijuana?

Besides the medical hazards, Marijuana can be a leading cause of you legal troubles. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Annual Uniform Crime Report, Police have prosecuted 858,408 persons for marijuana violations in 2009. Marijuana arrests now comprise more than one-half of all drug arrests reported in the United States.

Drug Rehab Florida – How To Quit Using The Marijuana?

There are many rehabilitation programs available for marijuana abusers that enable them to quit smoking. Many drug rehab Florida offer marijuana-specific programs that assist a marijuana user to quit smoking and detoxify himself from the drugs toxin. Since most of marijuana users also engage in drug abuse of some other kind, the detoxification process takes longer.

A decade ago, marijuana arrests comprised just 44 percent of all drug arrests. Roughly 46 percent of all drug prosecutions nationwide are conducted for marijuana possession.

Smoking marijuana might give you a temporary thrill and excitement but its hazards are far more damaging and outweigh the thrill of getting ‘high’.

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