Drug Rehab in Florida – Substance Dependence and Abuse

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People abuse many kinds of substances such as tobacco, drugs, alcohol for various and intricate reasons, but it’s obvious that they have to pay a significant cost for it. The results of the abuse is clearly seen in the drug rehab centers Florida. The addicts suffer from immediate damage to mental and physical health. There is also a direct link between substance abuse and crime. On one hand, the utilization of a few drugs, for example cocaine, has decreased. On the other hand, usage of different drugs, for instance “club drugs” and heroin has increased.

Substance abuse normally produces various kinds of intoxication, which alters human perception, judgment, physical control, and attention. Numerous substances also cause a withdrawal effect due to the suspension or lessening in the intake of the substance. Withdrawal can go from anxiety to hallucinations and seizures. Drug overdose often causes death.

Drug Dependence

In drug dependence, the addict needs the particular drug for normal functions. Drug dependence is also called drug addiction or drug dependency. People who develop drug dependence usually also have physical dependence, psychological dependence, or tolerance for a particular substance.

Psychological Dependence

In psychological dependence, the addict has cravings and needs to use the particular drug he is addicted to. It initially begins with consuming the drug once, which provides satisfaction, which leads to the next use. The feeling of this satisfaction escorts you to psychological reinforcement that ultimately makes you dependent. A person can have psychological dependence for many drugs. Few of them are nicotine, alcohol, barbiturates, opiates, and benzodiazepines.

Drug rehab centers in Florida offer many substance abuse treatments through which you can recover from psychological dependency of a drug. People who are going through treatment of psychological dependence experience withdrawal symptoms through the process.

Physical Dependence

In physical dependence, the addict gets withdrawal symptoms when he stops using the drug. For instance, if an addict is addicted to heroin and discontinues its usage suddenly, and then he/she may get symptoms like sweating, stomach cramps diarrhea, restlessness, pains, etc.

Physical Dependence develops from the abuse of various drugs. Some of them are alcohol, nicotine, heroin, and morphine. Physical Dependence can also be caused by many of the therapeutic drugs. Treatment for physical dependence is available in the drug rehab centers of Florida. The treatment program is carried out by reducing the dose of the drug over a phase of weeks or months, which can sometimes take longer depending on the substance addiction. Physical dependence is mostly withdrawn through giving another cross tolerant drug, as abrupt discontinuation of the addictive substance can be dangerous to health. For example, to manage risky withdrawal symptoms of alcohol, benzodiazepine is given to the addict during the treatment.


About all drug substances generate a sensation in addicts which is called tolerance, in which you have to utilize larger amounts of the substance to get the same feeling and same intoxication level you felt when you first consumed it. Tolerance is a part of drug dependence. Tolerance involves both kinds of tolerance – psychological drug tolerance and physiological tolerance.

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