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Anyone suffering from addiction does need a drug rehab in Orlando, but most of the people prefer to live without it. A lot of people speculate that addiction treatment is way too costly and so do not avail it. A recent survey states that lack of funds acquires the second position on the list of causes for which addicted people do not become part of a treatment program.  But this is not so; drug rehab in Orlando can be affordable if you opt for a suitable treatment program. Talk to a counselor, and you would be able to gain more information in this regard. For right now, here is a quick guideline.

Factors Affecting Costs

Care Level

The level of care that you acquire is directly proportional to the overall costs of the treatment program.  If you avail more intensive treatment, higher costs will be incurred and vice versa. Generally, an inpatient rehab program is more costly that an outpatient program.

Treatment Duration

The duration of every drug rehab in Orlando varies. The programs can either be short or long, depending on the extent of your abuse. Short programs typically last between 7 and 30 days, and are prices reasonably. Long term programs take up around 90 days and are more expensive. Usually long terms programs are more effective and characterized by lower relapse rates.


The effect of staffing on costs can be very significant. Drug rehab centers that provide 24/7 need more staff, and for that they charge higher amounts from the patient. Similarly, if the staff is more qualified, the costs are higher than the average rates.


If pharmacotherapy is included in the treatment program, the medication rates will also be included in the overall costs. Methadone is a common drug for opioid addiction treatment, and is more expensive than other alternative options.


As is common in every other industry, drug rehab is also influenced by the economy of the region. In some areas, it is more expensive and in others, the rates are comparatively lesser.

Funding Source

Drug rehab centers in Florida are either funded privately or publicly. The former option is more expensive because these facilities are profit based. However, if the centre is being funded by the state or a local agency, the costs will be significantly less.


The costs of drug rehab are often included in health insurance policies but few people are aware of this. Though coverage is provided in many cases, not every service included in the treatment program may be covered depending on your insurance provider. Detoxification and counseling are often covered, but the same cannot be said for other treatment phases. The policy may also limit you to avail treatment from certain centers only.

Your insurance company would be able to provide you the exact information in this regard. So before you sign up for a drug treatment program, talk to your insurance provide first and find out the details of your health coverage policy.

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