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Moderate drinking for women is defined by the Dietary Guidelines as 1 drink per day. Increased consumption, especially for pregnant women, can result in health issues such as high blood pressure, stroke, and certain types of cancer.

Alcohol abuse is drinking that is harmful to the consumer or others whereas alcoholism is a chronic disease which can be both progressive and life threatening. Depending on the severity, a woman may seek help from a drug rehab for treating her alcohol problem.

In spite of family, cultural, or social restrictions regarding treatment for alcohol addiction in women, Orlando drug rehabs exist to make a change while offering them a different lifestyle to adopt. Treatments that are gender-specific tend to help women remain focused on their recovery process with the best chances of achieving it.

Such drug rehabs in Orlando are a safe haven for all women, especially those who have violent histories. They are treated with respect and without judgment of their circumstances. They are treated by a team of highly trained professionals – nutritionists, medical professionals, psychiatrists and psychologists, licensed drug and alcohol counselors. These drug rehabs are built to help women as they make their switch from being addicted to long-term recovery at affordable prices. The goal is to make them sober and make them learn to maintain that sobriety for the rest of their lives.

While addressing the special problems of women, Orlando drug rehabs have allowed for more and more women to understand their specific needs and be open to issues such as personal relationships which they would otherwise avoid.

Why Do Women Drink?

Women drink because they want:

  • To have a good time and relax.
  • To relieve tension.
  • Under peer pressure.
  • Under influenced from parents who drink.
  • While experiencing trouble in their closest relationships.
  • Under influenced by an alcoholic partner.
  • To forget childhood experiences of sexual abuse.
  • When in depression.

Consequences of Unsafe Drinking

The greatest number of injuries and deaths has resulted when people drink and drive. When a woman drinks even a single glass on an empty stomach, the chances of being killed in a car crash are increased in that case.

Moreover, alcohol tends to interact with a variety of medicines, reducing their effectiveness or even increasing their side-effects. A woman who drinks increases the possibilities of having serious health problems. Additionally, if she is pregnant, drinking may result in babies with growth and mental impairments of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Also, drinking makes a woman vulnerable to sexual assaults.

When Does Rehab Become a Necessity?

  • Secretive drinking.
  • Binge drinking.
  • Unable to get through a day without alcohol.
  • Drinking in spite of understanding that it is creating problems for them.
  • Exhibiting withdrawal symptoms when not engaged in drinking.

Typically, drug rehabs in Orlando follow the 3-stage program of detox, counseling and aftercare. Basically, alcohol is a sedative drug and withdrawal from it causes serious medical problems such as seizures. Counseling programs can either be on an individual-basis or a group-based as well. This is where the alcoholic would learn strategies to control behavioral changes.

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