Drug Rehab Orlando Dealing With Teenage Drug Addiction

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In our Orlando drug rehab we have seen that over the past few years there has been an increase in awareness programs in educational institutions as well as on the internet. But, in spite of that, many people still face the dilemma of their children getting addicted to drugs.

As drugs become easily accessible even after being declared illegal, drug rehabs in Orlando are concerned with this rise of teenage addiction and seek to help the affected families.

Top 10 Drugs Used By Teenagers

The following drugs have made it to the top ten in Orlando drug rehabs as being the most popular ones circulating among teenage groups.

  1. Marijuana

It is a type of cannabinoids (also called “pot”, “weed”, “dope”) that can be smoked in a “joint” or pipe. It basically affects the user mentally and psychologically. However, it is also harmful for lungs and heart.

  1. Prescription drugs

Prescription drugs such as stimulants (Adderall or Ritalin) depressants and painkillers have been abused by teenagers to get high. Shattering the myth of it being safe to practice, this is actually a deadly addiction.

  1. Ecstasy

It is also known as “E” or “lover’s speed”. This is another stimulant common among teenagers that primarily functions to create feelings of euphoria and sexuality but may have mind-altering effects as well as being harmful to heart and nerve cells.

  1. Inhalants

These are chemical vapors found in products like spray paint, glue, cleaners, gasoline, and felt-tip markers. which are inhaled to get effects akin to those of alcohol. It can lead to permanent brain, heart, lungs and kidney damage.

  1. Cocaine

This is another type of stimulant that has powerful effect on cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems. It is popularly known as “coke” or “crack”.

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