Drug Rehab Orlando – Drug Abuse and Academics

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On the drug rehab Orlando we teach our patients that if they have ever heard of how the company you keep affects who you become. A common aspect of educational campuses, your children have access to different drugs both in and outside it. The access is what encourages the abuse, and eventually need help from a drug rehab Orlando. While they fail to internalize and comprehend the drastic outcome of their actions, most of them go rampant in the order of having tried alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and some type of hallucinogens.

Drug Rehab Orlando Research Findings 1: Reasons

One group of researchers at drug rehab Orlando, claim that people who end up dropping out of school constitute half of the population in the prisons. While there can be a number of reasons behind dropping out of school, drug abuse is one of the major issues. Patients at drug rehab Orlando reported that they turned towards drugs for:

  1. Managing stress that is related to school, financial or relationship problems
  2. Everyone else around them is taking it; it’s “cool”
  3. Overcoming their introvert nature among peers; insecure and awkward social situations
  4. Enhancing self esteem
  5. Increasing concentration and hence overall performance
  6. Boredom
  7. Rebellion
  8. No real life goals
  9. It’s a legal/harmless drug
  10. Desire to experiment

Drug Rehab Orlando Research Findings 2: Risk Factors

Our experience at drug rehab Orlando teach us that your child’s experimentation with drugs can be influenced by an array of factors like entering high school or moving to a new community and while some of such changes can be controlled, others cannot.

For one, people who tend to have an aggressive personality are more likely to gamble with drug abuse to later on go to a drug rehab Orlando. A lack of interest in academics and at home may also fuel it apart from the fact that they need the confidence it gives to express their emotions and make themselves heard. Secondly, research at drug rehab Orlando show that it is the family lifestyle that rules their behavior. If they have minimal parental involvement and supervision, no settings of boundaries, then they are more prone to take the risks.

Tests at drug rehab Orlando also validate that the environment can include the community too – poor communities and loosely-knit ones failing to provide the ideal role models and mentors to help them deal with their transitory period. Further, if the school does not partake on a strict “no drug” policy, they help expose the kids to drug abuse too. And finally, drug rehab Orlando research shows that it is the social groups your child is part of to trigger illicit behaviors.

Drug Rehab Orlando Research Findings 3: How Drugs Affect School Performance

It does not matter whether they have been taken for extracurricular activities, academics or for the sake of peer group interaction, different drugs that are prevailing conjure various effects and result in various issues regarding their performance at drug rehab Orlando. While weed is used in far greater amounts than ever, the latest trends to get high – smoking alcohol, hand sanitizers, lip balm, cold medicine, alcohol into the tampon, nutmeg, vodka eyeballing, ingesting cinnamon, gummy bears in alcohol – offer an altogether different experience to consider.

Doctors at drug rehab Orlando have seen that they affect the brain activity since they are still in a developing stage. The consumption can also lead to alcohol poisoning, allergic reactions, blindness, coma, numbness, and even death. Other harsh realities include choking, vomiting, irritation to throat and lungs and pneumonia.

Addiction counselors at drug rehab Orlando have reported that besides the physical health issue, the drug tendency raises chances for teen violence. Frequently missing school, losing focus in class, disrupting classroom instruction, being late to class, inability to complete the assigned tasks, and plummeting grades are often accused of the emerging teen depression and sexual promiscuity.

Drug Rehab Orlando Research Findings 4: Getting Treated

As a parent, you should be educated too. If you believe that substance abuse is a serious problem that is affecting their life, then you need to confront and educate them with truth about drugs. Get help with professionals such as those at drug rehab Orlando for the services best suited for your needs.

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