Drug Rehab Orlando- Factors Contributing To Addiction

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Substance abuse, and drug rehab Orlando, is one of the most significant problems that can be faced by people of any age. It is difficult to predict which person is more likely to be a victim of drug abuse, but one can determine risk factors that make people more prone to drug abuse. Drug rehab in Orlando take note of all the factors that led to the patient take regular drugs.

The article highlights some of the risk factors that increase the chances of drug abuse in an individual.

Unstable Home Environment

Substance abuse greatly depends on the type of environment and upbringing a person has experienced. There are people who grow up in families where drug and alcohol is commonly used or where there are some disturbances due to mental illness or divorce. Growing up in such a family will eventually lead the children to consume the same thing their elders are using.

One of the other factors that often lead to children taking drugs is the surrounding environment failing to fulfill child’s emotional needs. This leads a child to substance abuse in order to relieve their stress and worries, and most need drug rehab Orlando services.

Friends Using Drugs

Friends play an important role in molding your behavior and conduct at the growing age. Young people are mostly influenced by their friends who take alcohol or drugs and they also join to blend in with them. It is a common perception among many teens that they try out new things to understand the allure of what other people are doing. This leads to people being addicted to the same thing in little time.


Substance abuse has been greatly associated with the hereditary factor. A person is more likely to be a victim of drug abuse of the addiction problem is common in the family genes. Other genetic factors that give rise to drug addiction include the ability of not responding to drug abuse, or a quick reaction to drug in spite of knowing the hazardous health effects.

Mental Disorder

Researchers, at drug rehab Orlando, found that more than half of the substance abusers are dealing with mental issues of various kinds. Other people consume drugs because they want to overcome mental illness. In both the cases, the drug abuse leads to a number of chain reactions in the nervous system leading to harmful mental issues.

Chronic Pain

People who consume medicines to overcome their pain also become a victim of drug abuse. Some people take painkillers more than the prescribed dosage to cure their pain, which leads then to get addicted to those medicines gradually. Once they become addicted, it would become the most difficult task for them to get off with it.


A person’s thinking and behavior can be one of the key factors leading to drug abuse. Many impulsive people instantly react to the drugs positively, instead of thinking about the consequences that can lead to dangerous health problems. Such people are more confined and believe that drugs are the only way to overcome their personality traits. Whereas, people who are cautious while say no to drugs and will try to solve the problems in their life in a healthy way.

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