Drug Rehab Orlando – Understanding Addicts

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Orlando drug rehab professionals agree that drug addiction and substance abuse issues are developed over time in people who are trying to seek an escape. The treatment method for each addict can vary, but the reasons for addiction remain more or less the same. Addiction can be a result of both environmental and biological factors. People that approach drug rehab centers in Orlando have most likely become addicts due to the following reasons:


Research states that drug addiction is inherited in the genes and individuals with a family history of alcoholism or drug addiction are four times more at risk to get addicted as compared to individuals without a family history of addiction.

Underlying Psychiatric Conditions

Individuals with psychiatric disorders due to suffering from underlying psychiatric conditions like mood swings, depression and anxiety often experience overwhelming feelings of sadness, anger and confusion. The burden of these feelings increases their chances of becoming an addict as they start looking for self-medicating solutions.

Social Environment

A social environment that allows access to drugs and encouragement of drug usage makes an individual more likely to start drug usage. This environment could be of the school, workplace or a place of hang out where peer pressure and societal norms play an influential role.


A strong factor for choosing to use drugs is contributed to trauma. Drug rehab in Orlando recognize trauma among drug addicts to be due to reasons like sexual abuse, negligence in childhood and loss of a loved one.

The initial usage of drugs can be a choice for an individual but then it no more remains a choice. The substance causes changes in the brain chemistry and the individual becomes addicted. An addicted person at a drug rehab Orlando needs to be understood as having a chronic brain disease that needs to be diagnosed and treated to make his/her life drug-free. The person should not be treated as if it is his/her fault or like he/she chose to be an addict because addiction is not really a choice and can happen to anyone at anytime. Once the substance is taken, it plays with the brain chemistry and the cell structure of the body changes. The body’s loses its ability to function properly under the substance’s influence. With time, the body starts to depend on the substance for survival and usage becomes a need for the individual.

Individuals become addicted without even realizing that they are suffering from addiction as it can occur quickly and biological changes often go unnoticed. An individual is often unable to understand that he/she has been using more than needed and should stop.

Drug usage can take years to recover from with drastic changes to your mental and physical health. However, addiction is curable and help should be immediately sought from the nearest drug rehab center in Orlando. A positive approach shall not only cultivate an encouraging environment crucial to welcoming drug addicted individuals back to a normal life, but be instrumental in creating a better, healthier society for everyone altogether.

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