Drug Rehab Orlando – What to Do After Treatment?

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When you enroll into a drug rehab Orlando you must understand that it will not last forever. In fact it will only last for a few months, which will be a hard time for you as it will require intense work on your part. You will be subject to deep learning, as you will learn skills and methods that will help you maintain your sobriety.  This, however, will end and you will be expected to become a part of the world again, which means that you will be in constant danger of a relapse. The following three steps will help you avoid relapse after drug rehab Orlando:

Drug Rehab Orlando Tip 1: Find Sober Friends.

Drug rehab Orlando studies suggest that addictions are usually influenced by other people. Studies show that teens mainly fall prey to peer pressure and as a result, start using drugs. Teens that have friends who use drugs are highly likely to become drug addicts as compared to those who have sober friends. This is also true for adults; people who have drug addicts for friends will find it difficult to socialize and re-connect with the world again. It is therefore, essential that you have sober friends as this will reduce the danger of a relapse after you have completed treatment at drug rehab Orlando.

Evaluate the Neighborhood, and Move if Needed

Our drug rehab Orlando counselors know that sometimes your neighborhood might contain powerful triggers, reminding you of your drug abusing days. The place you live at might require you to pass by your dealer regularly, reminding you strongly of your past. The parks surrounding your place might remind you of the times when you used to get high or drunk. Sometimes these triggers become too strong for you to resist.

In such circumstances you may find that your home probably isn’t safe when it comes to drugs. For example let’s say you have recently come out of a drug rehab Orlando and you are going to your place where your room mate is a current or former drug addict or perhaps upon your return from the drug rehab Orlando you find that your neighborhood is filled with drug dealers. In such cases the best thing to do would be to move to a better, more secure neighborhood so as to prevent a relapse.

When you move to a new neighborhood your cravings might reduce in intensity, and the new neighborhood might present you with new opportunities.

Keep Follow-up Appointments at Drug Rehab Orlando.

If you are a former addict who has recently come out of, let’s say a drug rehab Orlando then it is advisable that you follow your drug rehab Orlando scheduled appointments with your counselor on a regular basis during the initial period, even after the formal rehab program has ended.

This drug rehab Orlando counseling therapy might help you in many ways, some of which are mentioned as follows:

  • It may help you channel your feelings regarding work
  • It might help you deal with family transitions
  • Handle any possible relapse triggers
  • Help you in setting goals for the future
  • It will serve to strengthen your skills

These follow-up drug rehab Orlando appointments are very essential for you, and no matter how much your work load is, you should take out time for these appointments.

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