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According to drug rehabilitation center Orlando Florida drug addiction and abuse has become a big part of popular culture today. Even drug rehab center services are not seen with the taboo they used to have. We see television programming and movies based on subjects of drug abuse. This has led to the creation of some cultural myths about drugs which are completely untrue. A lot of people get addicted to drugs by believing in these false myths. It is time that you learned the truth about drug abuse and addiction. Listed below are some of the most popular myths about drugs.

Orlando Drug Treatment Center Florida – Drug Addiction is Voluntary

This is the mistake that probably every youth makes when they first come across drugs. At first drugs may seem to be a choice but they really aren’t. When you start consuming drugs you start to lose control and soon addiction settles in. AS your brain gets used to the intake of drugs a tendency to consume more develops.

Orlando Drug Treatment Center Florida – No harm in Mixing Drugs

Drug rehabilitation center Orlando Florida experts believe that a mix of drugs can be absolutely lethal and at times can have more than twice the impact of a single dose. A lot of people wrongly assume that mixing drugs has no harmful effects on their health. By mixing let’s say alcohol with cocaine the euphoric effect of the drug is increased considerably. So chances of damage to your cardiovascular system are also increased.

Orlando Drug Treatment Center Florida – Marijuana is a safe drug

This is another myth that has been the reason behind the deaths of many young individuals. Some consider Marijuana to be a sacred drug that has no harmful effects. This statement could not be more wrong because Marijuana is known to cause cancer along with other dangerous diseases. Drug rehabilitation center Orlando Florida doctors claim that Marijuana can also impair memory and affect concentration in the short term.

Orlando Drug Treatment Center Florida – Drug Addiction is for Life

This is another untrue statement because drug addiction can be cured. The number of patients cured every year at addiction treatment center Orlando Florida is proof of that. These special rehab centers have qualified professionals who professionally treat patients and aid their recovery. The aim is to recover the mental and physical health of the addiction through strategized programs.

Orlando Drug Treatment Center Florida – Pregnant Women can take Drugs

Pregnant women should never take drugs. Drugs can damage a healthy individual so you can imagine the sort of risk they would pose to a woman who is carrying a child. Research from addiction treatment center Orlando Florida shows that women who abuse drugs during pregnancy will have complications later on. Drugs can potentially harm the health of the unborn child.

Orlando Drug Treatment Center Florida – Addiction is not a serious condition

Anyone who said that couldn’t be more wrong because addiction is a very serious problem which in extreme cases may end up taking the life of the addict. Addiction treatment center Orlando Florida doctors believe that addiction not only affects the drug abuser but also has negative implications for society. The family of the addict is likely to go through mental trauma and societal disgrace.


These were some of the common myths about drugs. So think about them the next time you or any loved one decides to try out drugs.

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