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Heroin is an opium derivate and has become a widely used drug across the globe. Many users of heroin need immediate drug rehabilitation services. Opium dates back to ancient times when the first civilizations made use of it for its healing properties. Obviously at such an early stage all its properties were not known. Heroin’s journey started as a healer but today it has ended up as the exact opposite. Numerous lives have been ruined because of heroin abuse and addiction. What most people don’t realize is that it does not only affect the individual who consumes it but the family is also affected. According to drug rehab center Orlando Florida drug addicts can develop a dependency on the drug and it becomes difficult for them to quit. Let’s take a look at the illustrious history of heroin.

Orlando Drug Rehab Heroin History – Early Beginnings

Doctors at drug rehabilitation center Orlando Florida claim that in the 1800’s physicists used heroin as a therapeutic drug to cure various diseases. The drug was brought into the country by Chinese immigrants and at that time it seemed as if the drug could do no harm. But by the end of the 18th century doctors had found out about the addictive properties of heroin. In the western parts of the country gangs opened up opium dens and controlled their supply.

Orlando Drug Rehab Heroin History – First Commercial Use

Researchers at drug rehabilitation center Orlando Florida tell us that towards the end of the 18th century Heroin was commercialized by a German pharmaceutical company “Bayer”. It was seen as a safe drug and replacement for morphine. The initial results were so impressive that many experts declared it as the wonder drug. However it was soon discovered that repeated administration of the drug turned patients into addicts.

Orlando Drug Rehab Heroin History – Further Discoveries

Drug rehab center Orlando Florida analysts tell us that in the early 1900’s people discovered the euphoric properties of heroin. It was a stimulant that could get you high. Soon the authorities began to take notice of the negative effects this drug had on the human mind and body. This resulted in strict laws and rules with regards to the production and sale of heroin.

Orlando Drug Rehab Heroin History – Illegal Trafficking and Use

By the 1930’s the government’s restrictive measures had significantly reduced the production and consumption of heroin. But then the shortage of the drug led to illegal trafficking. According to drug rehabilitation center Orlando Florida experts this was the birth of the massive heroin industry. During the following years the costs of heroin went up as it became a sought after drug. The number of people who consumed this drug also began to increase again. The focus had now shifted from medical to recreational use. This wasn’t the only drug available at that time but it was certainly amongst the most popular.

Orlando Drug Rehab Heroin History – The Current Scenario

Today the heroin industry is worth billions of dollars. It continues to thrive underground and anyone can get their hands on the drug if they know where to look. Every now and then the government does bust up some gangs but it seems insufficient. Experts believe that you should get help at drug rehab center Orlando Florida if you are suffering from this problem.

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