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The human body is a complex mechanism that works perfectly under the right circumstances. But if you unnecessarily try to experiment with it then you can damage it. This is what we do with our minds and body by indulging in drug abuse, that ultimately need drug rehabilitation services. Our bodies aren’t meant to take this much abuse and eventually we suffer the consequences. According to drug rehabilitation centers in Orlando Florida, drug abuse has always been associated with long term health problems. It is a very high cost to pay for a short period of pleasure. Drug users, if given a second chance, would most likely refrain from drugs given the suffering it brings on the human mind and body. Because drugs are so popular in modern culture they are seen as something good which is completely wrong. A lot of people are in the dark over the negative effects of drug abuse. Perhaps if they knew these facts they wouldn’t take the risk in the first place. Listed below are the negative effects of recreational drugs.

Drug Addiction Long Term Effect 1 – Deprivation of Feelings

Doctors at Orlando addiction treatment centers in Florida believe that constant use of drugs can deprive you of the feelings of goodness. Normally, these drugs give you feelings of pleasure and satisfaction once they are consumed. However, without them you lose the ability to experience joy and happiness. Anything that brought you joy previously without drugs will no longer have the same effect. These drugs induce feelings of anxiety and depression and in order to get rid of these feelings one has to consume these drugs. This creates a dependence on the drug and forces the addict to use more and more of it.

Drug Addiction Long Term Effect 2 – Effects on the Brain

Experts at addiction treatment centers in Orlando Florida believe that drug abuse can be detrimental for the health of your brain. Drugs can impair cognitive function and also cause memory loss. Drug abusers also experience uncontrollable cravings on a regular basis. Some researchers in this field also claim that drug abusers experience behavioral changes and they act on impulse when making decisions. An individual’s state of mind is completely disrupted by drug abuse.

Drug Addiction Long Term Effect 3 – Mental Disorders

In extreme cases, drug addiction has even been linked to mental disorders. Doctors at Orlando drug rehabilitation centers in Florida believe that mental diseases may precede addiction. Some individuals are more vulnerable than others.

Drug Addiction Long Term Effect 4 – Infectious Disease

Experts at addiction treatment centers in Orlando Florida claim that a high number of patients they receive each year are mostly suffering from infectious disease. People who inject themselves with heroin, cocaine, etc. are very likely to get AIDS in the future. Hepatitis C is also common amongst drug addicts. These fatal diseases can lead to a very painful death for an individual.

Drug Addiction Long Term Effect 5 – Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand smoke is not only linked to cigarettes but it is also related to drug abuse. Even those who do not consume drugs might actually be doing so if they are in the presence of drug addicts. Exposure to the fumes from the smoke can be injurious to health. According to experts at Orlando drug rehabilitation centers in Florida, these people may be at risk for heart and lung disease.

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