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Drug abuse, substance use and excessive alcoholism can prove to be a gripping nuisance extremely difficult to let go. The condition should not be treated like a habit, but an ailment that requires proper addiction treatment services, medication, counseling and therapy at a drug rehabilitation center in Orlando Florida.

There are several social, psychological and emotional factors that increase the risk of drug abuse and alcoholism in a person. Read on to find out how and why does a person become a victim to excessive drug use and how can the risks be reduced effectively.

Substance Abuse – Main Causes

There can be various causes that can trigger the usage of excessive drugs in an individual. People of different ages, from varying backgrounds and facing different situations react differently to the effects of drugs, and thus the treatment plan for these individuals also differs on the basis of their response to the therapy.
Some of the main causes that lead to drug abuse are listed as follows:

  • Social conditions and environment. The people you hang out with and the environment surrounding you is one of the main factors that increase exposure to drugs, drinking and substance use in an individual.
  • Complications in family life. A neglected childhood or a tough or traumatic experience in personal life can also make a person vulnerable to drug abuse and alcoholism.
  • Depression, anxiety and tense feelings increase the likelihood of a person picking up drugs to relieve the stress and numb out distressing feelings.
  • A family history of drug abuse also matters. Addiction to drugs can also be hereditary in some cases.
    How Does Drug Addiction increase?

Drug use does not automatically lead to excessive abuse, it takes a certain amount of time to which a person’s brain responds to the substance and it starts growing as a complex disorder. Whether you take up drugs out of curiosity or succumb to some negative feelings in your mind, regular consumption instills a change in the way your brain functions and from thereon is how the problem starts to grow.

Using a drug again and again alters the nerve cells in your brain and the feeling of pleasure increases the likelihood of addiction in a strong way. This surge in the level of pleasure consumes all your other bodily urges such as eating, drinking etc, slowly numbing out your brain’s ability to thick clearly and objectively. Certain behaviors that build up a person’s reliance on a drug include:

  • Drugs may seem to calm and relax you when you are feeling depressed or down.
  • They can elevate your confidence in situations that you feel shy and can present you with a feeling of ecstasy and pleasure.
  • Peer pressure also increases the amount and frequency with which you succumb to drug addiction. For example, if people in your surrounding or your friends are trying out the drugs, it is more than likely that you will start behaving in the same pattern as well.

Drug addiction can be treated successfully in a drug rehabilitation center in Orlando Florida where therapy, medication and counseling sessions can bring about a positive and welcome change in one’s behavior and lifestyle.
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