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Drug relapse is a major problem for people who have been addicts in the past, because such people are more prone to falling victim to addictions again. According to several studies, almost 60% of patients end up being back on drugs after going through rehab and seemingly making a complete recovery. Drug rehab centers in Florida can help you fight the relapse and overcome it.

Remaining Clean the First Time

You’ve been to a drug rehab center in Florida, had the detox, been part of the counseling sessions, and know the effects drugs can have from experience that is both personal and shared. Getting hold of your life after having been an in-house patient at rehab, and building relationships from scratch, can be difficult for many as they work out a routine that does not involve drug usage or the extreme high and low situations that serves as triggers. A typical routine has early bed times, healthy diet consumption, exercise, joining sober community programs, and getting involved in some creative activity.

Relapse Categories

Depending on the number of relapse incidents, addicts can be categorized broadly as being briefly prone or chronically prone. They can be further divided into transition, unstabilized relapse-prone, and stabilized relapse-prone patients. Transition patients are those who either are unable to realize or live in plain denial to their addiction. Unstabilized relapse-prone are those who do not have the necessary skills to intervene and cannot implement the instructions of their recovery programs into their daily lives, requiring immediate assistance in treatment and lifestyle change. On the other hand, stabilized relapse-prone have the necessary skills but are unable to maintain sobriety.

Identifying Your Relapse during Recovery

The professionals at drug rehab centers in Florida know and help you in understanding that even if you have the will to remain sober, a relapse at some point (especially during stabilization) is likely to happen. The relapse is to be treated as part of the recovery process if you identify your intake and are honest and open about it with anyone close to you — family, sponsor, and friends. The fact that several studies show long-term abstinence and recovery achievements for relapse patients cannot be emphasized enough. Although it can be prevented, whatever your frequency rate of relapse is, it is definitely not something to be ashamed about when discussing.

Social pressures, peer pressures, psychological reminders of using drugs in the past, and the need to reward yourself, testing your control etc. allow active exploitation of drugs repeatedly. Since you have the relative background information, you must be wary of any symptoms that suggest a chance of drug addiction. It can be anything from a change in attitude and behavior, change in cognitive process, elevated stress, denial of situations, experiencing post-acute withdrawal symptoms, social breakdown, and loss of control and judgment.

What You Need To Do

If you are among the people who judge a rehab centre’s effectiveness through its relapse rate, then you’ll probably have much difficulty finding the right one that can truly help you recover. You can be assured that rehabs in Florida provide one-on-one specialized care to each individual patient as each case is unique to handle.

Generally, treatment includes setting short-term goals that can be easily achieved, identifying warning signs and relapse triggers, and learning to cope with them. It is also suggested that patients continue with some after-care programs (outpatient treatment and ongoing therapy) to control drug impulses. If you seek treatment in a drug rehab center in Florida, only then can you ensure long-term healthy life for yourself.

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