Drug Treatment Center Orlando Florida Avoiding Relapse

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Many people become addicted to drugs in their post-teenage years and then become sober, but many of them need drug treatment services. But more than half of them go back to their previous addictions or further developed forms of drug abuse. This is known as a drug relapse. Studies show that 90% of people who are trying to recover have at least one relapse. As soon as patients leave drug treatment centers Orlando Florida, they find it hard to avoid the urge to consume drugs. There are some ways that can help you or your loved ones from falling prey to drugs. Here are some of them.

Orlando Drug Treatment – Join a Narcotics Anonymous

As soon as you leave a drug rehabilitation center Orlando Florida, immediately join narcotics anonymous. These meeting are meant to encourage you into leaving your old life behind and continue on with a more positive outlook. You also get to meet many people who are facing problems like yours and this will boost your morale into changing your life style. Be particular about going there every 3 or 4 days. If you skip these meetings you could sink back into your old ways.

Orlando Drug Treatment – Change Your Lifestyle

This might mean getting a new place or moving to a new neighborhood. A change of scene always works positively and could help reduce your cravings. It is possible that your old house/apartment was surrounded by people who are regular addicts, so you need to stay away from all such influences. You can make a completely fresh start by moving to a place that reminds you nothing about your past addictions.

Orlando Drug Treatment – Follow-Up Appointments with Your Psychologist/Counselor

It is very important that you keep seeking therapy after you leave drug treatment center Orlando Florida. Your psychologist/counselor will know when you need to stop seeing them, so don’t decide on your own. Also there are many added benefits of such follow-up appointments like:

  • You keep honing your skills of defeating drug use.
  • Since you talk about your feelings and thoughts, if your counselor sees any negative relapse, they would be able to notice it and help you.
  • You can even make future plans with your counselor.

Orlando Drug Treatment – Avoiding Triggers

Learn about what triggered your need to consume a drug, and then start avoiding these triggers. Some factors could be family problems, work issues, stress, anxiety, troublesome relationships, loneliness and more. Sort out what affects you and then take steps to eliminate that factor from your life.

Orlando Drug Treatment – Stop Hanging Out with You Drug Buddies

These are the people who probably got you hooked the first time and they can do it again. In most cases you can’t help them, so it’s better to avoid their company. Make some new friends and have a fun time with them. Spend time with people who love you and support your efforts of ruminating off drugs. These are the people who actually care about you, not the ones who got you started on drugs!

Orlando Drug Treatment – Stay Alert

As soon as you start feeling that you might have a relapse, seek help immediately. Stop the problem before it gets too advanced for cure. If you feel the need, get yourself into a drug addiction treatment center Orlando Florida again.

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