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Cocaine is one of the world’s oldest natural drugs. It has been used and abused for centuries and has been the drug of choice for many that have acquired drug rehabilitation services. In modern culture, this drug has become very popular with celebrities. Despite being illegal in the United States, it is still widely accessible. Cocaine is basically derived from the cocoa plant which is located in the mountains of South America. The drug has been used for spiritual purposes in the past but now it is primarily used for recreational purposes. The drug, when consumed, gives the user a vibrant sensation of happiness and energy.

However, there are many harmful effects of cocaine as well which are ignored by users till they get really serious. Experts at drug treatment centers in Orlando Florida believe that the initial use was medicinal but now it has just become a party drug. Every year a large number of patients end up in Orlando addiction treatment centers in Florida and other states. This is a growing problem in the country and despite the counteractive measures, it seems that no solution is in sight. Let’s discuss the history of cocaine from its early beginnings to its use today.

Cocaine Drug Addiction – Early History

Cocaine has its roots in South America culture where it was first used by native Peruvians during holy ceremonies. They basically consumed cocoa leaves in raw form and it was seen as a spiritual healer by many. Later, the Spanish invaded the country and took control of the supply of cocoa leaves.

Cocaine Drug Addiction – The 1800’s

The first real attempt to discover cocaine’s properties was made in 1859 by German chemist Albert Niemann. At first it was regarded as a wonder drug that could cure many diseases. Since these were the early stages, the major side effects of cocaine were still not known in full detail. Researchers at drug treatment centers in Orlando Florida tell us that Sigmund Freund was one of the renowned sociologists who came across this drug and declared it safe and healthy. For a period of almost 50 years, cocaine was legally used as an ingredient in soft drinks and hard drinks.

Cocaine Drug Addiction – The 19th Century

At the beginning of the 19th century many physicians and medical experts raised objections to the use of cocaine. They were worried about the drug’s harmful effects on the human mind and body. This increasing pressure to stop drug use eventually paid off and in 1914 cocaine was banned as part of the Harrison Narcotic Act. According to experts at addiction treatment centers in Orlando Florida, after the implementation of this new law the use of cocaine was severely restricted.

Cocaine Drug Addiction – The 70’s and Onwards

Doctors at Orlando drug treatment centers in Florida tell us that the 1970’s was a period when this drug again became popular. South American countries kept producing the drug and it was smuggled into the United States for recreational use. The prices were very high as cocaine was only available in limited quantity. During the 80’s the cocaine industry experienced a huge boost as worldwide demand for the drug increased. It was trafficked across continents and by this time it had become a multimillion dollar industry.

Cocaine Drug Addiction – Current Scenario

According to experts at an addiction treatment center in Orlando Florida, the current scenario looks bleak as cocaine continues to be used on a mass scale. Despite massive crackdowns on drug cartels and traffickers, cocaine still continues to be widely accessible. It seems that the only way to save ourselves is by helping each other.

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