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Now that you have accepted your alcohol problems, you can think of ways to treat them with the right alcohol treatment service. When it comes to rehab treatments, there are two types; inpatient rehab treatment and outpatient rehab treatment. There are pros and cons of both, and your circumstances as well as the severity of your alcoholism decide what the best treatment for you is. So what are inpatient and outpatient drug alcohol Orlando? Below is a short guide that could help you understand the difference and decide which one is best for you.

Drug Treatment Orlando – Inpatient Alcohol Program

An inpatient alcohol treatment requires you to stay in a rehab facility. The length of your stay would depend on your dependency on alcohol. It could be 25-90 days long. The program consists of detoxification, counseling, education about alcohol addiction, family sessions and many other of activities. It is recommended to go through a follow-up session after the patient has been released from the inpatient program.

Drug Treatment Orlando – Outpatient Alcohol Program

In an outpatient alcohol treatment program Orlando, a patient does not need to live in a rehab facility. They are required to meet specialists’ everyday for their treatment program. Such patients are given medication, and counseling by experts.

Treatment therapy is the same for both inpatient and outpatient programs, generally. Outpatient treatment is for those who have regular jobs or are students.

Drug Treatment Orlando – Inpatient Vs Outpatient: Which one is for You?

Research shows that inpatient is more aggressive and successful in fighting off alcoholism. Outpatient alcohol treatment can work just as well for alcoholics who live with people who can help support their goals.

Different things work differently for individuals. Those who have loved ones involved in helping overcome their problems stand a better chance of recovery with outpatient treatment. Some other benefits of outpatient programs include:

  • Less Costly: If you have financial issues, then outpatient therapy is best for you. You would have to spend a lot less and might get the same results as you would have gotten with inpatient therapy. Your health insurance would most likely agree to cover the costs of outpatient therapy.
  • Home Comfort: You can get treated for your alcohol issues while staying in the comfortable familiarity of your house with outpatient care. Most people miss that the most when they get themselves enrolled in an inpatient care program. Your loved ones can visit you easily and you can hang out at the library and gym if you wish to.
  • Counseling: The counseling strategy for outpatient treatment is somewhat different. Since that is the major factor in trying to rid one of alcoholism, counselors pay more attention to addicts. They would teach you skills that could help you face life more practically. With outpatient alcohol treatment Orlando you are more likely to learn to deal with all the triggers that activate your problem.

Only you can decide what is best treatment is for you. Research both types of facilities and then decide which will work best for you.

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