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Drug addiction has been a problem that our society has faced for centuries. It is not something new but the way the young are getting attached to these drugs is alarming. Previously the influence of drugs on the youth was limited but now we face a totally different challenge. According to research carried out by drug treatment center Orlando Florida the majority of the people affected by drugs are youths. Unless stricter measures are taken by the government it seems that this problem will continue to terrorize us. One of the primary concerns that doctors have is how these drugs impact the adolescent brain. The brain is integral to our functioning and if it is impaired then we cannot function properly. Let’s discuss the effects of drugs on the adolescent brain.

Orlando Drug Treatment Center – Mental Problems

Drugs are a major cause of all mental problems. Doctors at drug rehabilitation center Orlando Florida believe that depression and anxiety are common problems amongst drug addicted youths. These young boys and girls may also experience developmental problems as the brain fails to cope with stress related issues. Furthermore the suicide rates for drug addicted teens are significantly higher than those who don’t consume drugs. Emotional issues can also rise at a young age because of drug abuse.

Orlando Drug Treatment Center – Psychological Issues

Youths that are addicted to drugs are generally emotionally insecure. They get negative feelings and don’t experience feelings of joy. This can lead to brain damage as well over a longer period of time. Experts at drug treatment center Orlando Florida recommend that in such cases you must get instant treatment at a rehab center.

Orlando Drug Treatment Center – Neurotransmitter Function

Drug abuse can alter the brain’s neurotransmitter function. Once this function is altered you lose control of your actions. The neurotransmitter basically links the nerves in the outer mantle and prefrontal cortex of the brain and is associated with feelings of motivation and reward. In other words the thought patterns of the abuser get altered and could turn more negative. Experts at drug rehabilitation center Orlando Florida believe that the effects of these drugs can be devastating to intellectual development.

Orlando Drug Treatment Center – Perception Alteration

The changes in perception caused by drug abuse can have long term effects on the adolescent brain. Drug treatment center Orlando Florida experts say that drugs can interfere with the development of the brain and slow down the maturity process. Drugs can also affect logical and critical thinking. These drugs create an inaccurate perception which can affect decision making abilities.

Orlando Drug Treatment Center – Habits and Other Brain Functions

Drug use can become a habit over a long period of time and this is one habit that doesn’t go away easily. A habit of consuming drugs picked up at a young age can last a lifetime and can totally disrupt your life. Experts believe that you must get help at institutions such as drug rehabilitation center Orlando Florida.


The adolescent brain should be protected from hazards such as drugs. It is imperative that parents take some safety measures to educate their children in the first place. Drugs abuse must be stopped if our future generations are to have a prosperous future.

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