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If you or anyone else that you know has become a victim of drug abuse, you should participate in a quality drug rehab in Orlando. And if you are a senior citizen, make sure your program is designed to treat elderly patients. A general rehab program may not cover everything that an elderly person needs. However, an elderly drug treatment program can provide senior people more assistance which they may need other than drug abuse treatment.

Regarding elderly drug abuse, the stats are definitely not good, and if you are a victim, now is the time to do something. In the year 2005, there were almost 185,000 elderly people who become part of an elderly drug rehab program. This number indicates only 10% of the people that are above 50 years old. Research indicates that by 202, there would be almost 4.5 million elderly drug abusers.

Common Traits

In elderly people, alcohol abuse is the most common problem whereas the number two slot is taken by prescription drug abuse. Other types of abuse related to street drugs are not so common.

Generally, it is more difficult to convince an aged person to become part of drug rehab in Orlando. However, once this part is over, motivation is high and a lot of participants complete the program successfully.

Though senior citizens can avail a general drug abuse treatment program, chances of recovery are more with an elderly drug rehab.

The Basics of an Elderly Drug Rehab in Orlando

An elderly drug abuse treatment program is different from a typical drug rehab in Orlando. The staff is specially trained to deal with elderly addiction and provide them with any other assistance that they need. The employees not only help the patients deal with their abuse problem but also help them overcome other emotional issues through which they go. All along the treatment, focus is specially given to counseling and exercise.

Other than treatment specifics and features, elderly drug rehabs are like other rehabs in terms of facilities. They are also set up in remote areas and provide the patients with a comfortable living environment. The facilities also have fitness centers and socialization areas.


  • Supervised detoxification treatment
  • One – on – basis and group counseling session conducted by specialists
  • A holistic treatment plan that not only treats the abuse but also addresses the causes that lead to it
  • After care services so that a patient always stays clean and does not fall into a relapse


An aged person does not behave in the same way as an adult does and prefers more peaceful surroundings. Emotional issues are also different and there are specific things that need to be focused on. A general drug rehab in Orlando would not consider this but an elderly treatment program will and so is more effective. The patient is surrounded with other recovering addicts who are they age and to whom they can easily relate. This makes therapy and counseling more productive, and so better results are achieved.

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