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Recovering from drug abuse is a challenging journey. Many obstacles may spring up in your path and you would have to handle all of them if you want to become clean. However, if you have counselors, friends and family by your side, you will get through and succeed.

While you are at any drug rehab Florida, it is easy to focus and proceed toward your goals. However, outside it, relapse is quite common and this is what you will have to prevent. The answer to this lies in aftercare.  Practice the skills you learnt during recovery, and you would be able to minimize the risk of rehab.


When you recover and become clean, your body does not contain any drugs and you develop a completely new set of skills. The resultant you is a stronger and healthier person, but there are distressing times that can make you go back to what you were. Aftercare prevents you from doing this.


The main aim of aftercare is not only to prevent rehab, but also to help you develop into a more stringer and more sober person. Here is what a general aftercare program may feature.

  • A sober living neighborhood where there are no drug addicts or dealers
  • Regular counseling sessions on one – to – one basis so that you can address issues concerning anxiety, stress, depression and other mental disorders
  • Prescription drugs such as Camparal and Suboxone to reduce your carvings
  • Practice sessions that are aimed at developing the skills you require to become sober
  • Group therapy such as the 12 step program that can keep you motivated and help you in developing new skills
  • Strong relationships with family and friend

Relapse Prevention Skills

While you are undergoing drug rehab in Florida, you would gain skills that help you in handling situations where you are prone to relapse. The problem is that learning about these situations is very different from what you would actually have to experience and encounter if you faced the situations in your daily life.

During your aftercare sessions, you can discuss these with your counselor and fellow participants, and along with them, you would find a solution to deal with them effectively.

The 12 Steps Program

A 12 step program is a very common method for treating drug abuse. Almost every drug rehab in Florida starts teaching the 12 steps at a very early stage of the treatment plan. Once the rehab is over, many groups like Alcoholic Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous provide support and recovering strategies without charging any fees. This is actually the 12 step program, which is based on the fact that addiction is a spiritual and physical disease.


Achieving sobriety is not exactly that easy, particularly so when there are times when your mind and body refuse to cooperate. In such as situation, medications like Campral, Suboxone and naltrexone can make the transition easier by helping you reduce your cravings.

There are other medications as well that can help treat withdrawal symptoms. These include sedatives, antidepressants and ant – seizure drugs.

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