Florida Drug Rehab Center: Drugs and Hollywood

Orlando Vargas

To fight off the pressure of being a celebrity or just to experience that pure ecstasy offered by drugs, Hollywood stars have made headlines time and again for doing drugs.

While for some of the most famous personalities like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, and Marilyn Monroe, and even the not-so-famous-ones, drug overdose or addiction led to untimely deaths, there have been some who opted for reconciliation by enrolling themselves in drug rehab centers in Florida.

Reasons for Drug Abuse in Hollywood

Drug rehabs in Florida highlight the following reasons more relatable for celebrities to be prone to drugs. Surprisingly, not all of them are class-specific.

1. Family heritage

If you have a family member who has a history of using and abusing drugs and alcohol, which also probably resulted in arrests, then you have something to look out for.

2. Props of the glamorous

Peer pressure and the personal goal to blend in is one of the most motivating factors for people to consume drugs casually. It may also be a way to impress people in order to further their ambition.

3. Addiction to power

Drug consumers get high on stimulants to experience an increase in their energy and mental activity. It becomes a way to forget your insecurities and build up your self-esteem.

4. Attempting suicide

Sometimes, the pressure of being on-screen can be too much to handle. Wilting personal life and abandonment may also lead to depression and attempts to commit suicide.

Hollywood Addiction Checked By Drug Rehab Centers

  1. Rehab centers usually have to deal with addiction battles related to cocaine. Stars include Charlie Sheen, Tatum O’Neil, and Mary-Kate Olsen.
  2. Alcohol addiction is another problem common in Hollywood. Stars include Johnny Depp, A. J. McLean, and David Hasselhoff.
  3. Marijuana use is next on list. Stars include Andy Dick, Brad Pitt, and Drew Barrymore.
  4. Bulmia addiction is another substance abused by celebrities at Hollywood. Stars include Elton John.
  5. Illegal use of painkillers and medication, though not unheard of, is a major problem for the on-screen idols. Stars include Melanie Griffith, Eminem, and Steven Tyler.
  6. Having possession of heroin is one of the most common issues for those entering drug rehab centers. Stars include Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan.

How Do Rehab Centers Help?

Florida drug rehab centers are renowned for their ability to make people cope with their existing issues better than the rest. There are structured programs that motivate people to be a part of rehabilitation without any pressure. Group therapy sessions with patients as well as their families and counseling are conducted to help them heal emotionally and construct improved relationships with their loved ones.

Enrolling in drug rehab centers in Florida does not necessarily conclude for a celebrity to be psychic. The treatment is for them to realize their problem(s) and help them stay sober in future.

Those who have sought help and moved on with their careers have made it possible for others to realize that Florida drug rehab centers indeed do help to make your life better.

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