Florida Drug Rehab Center Programs for Drug Addicts

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With the passage of time, drug addiction treatment programs have evolved. Drug rehab centers in Florida offer many treatment programs which are mostly customized and tailored according to the situation of the addict. Every addict has a different condition and state which requires different treatments. Some recover from their addiction with a short-term treatment while other requires a long-term one.

Some addicts may require medications to treat their addiction while other addicts may just need psychological sessions to get over the addiction. So it differs from person to person. Different treatment programs suit different addicts. Treatment programs are also chosen according to the substance they are addicted to.

Following are few of the treatment options which are available in most of the drug rehab centers in Florida.

Long-Term Treatment Programs

Sometimes addicts are severely dependent on drugs which cause them mental impairments. They also get major psychological and social deficits due to drug abuse that they are unable to function in their normal life. To treat such cases, drug rehab centers in Florida provide long-term treatment programs.

These programs are usually inpatient programs and can last for 6 to 12 months. The aim of these programs is to remove the drug dependence along with making sure it won’t relapse. This treatment program is always well structured according to the condition of the drug addict. The program helps the addict to develop constructive self-concepts, examine his damaging beliefs and patterns of behavior and provide ways to adopt new harmonious skills in his life.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment Programs offered by the drug rehab centers in Florida vary from one center to the other. Addicts opt for outpatient treatment programs in situations when they have other commitments such as go to school or work etc. These programs are also less costly than the inpatient long-term treatment programs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the therapist and the addict work together in sessions to identify and discover the situations that caused the addict to consume drugs. When these situations are recognized by the addict, then the therapist tries to help the addict to learn different coping techniques to handle those situations and circumstances, rather than cope up the problems with drug usage. The therapist also tries to change the thoughts of the addict regarding the situations that lead to consuming drugs. When the thoughts are modified, the behavior also changes. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has components of Functional Analysis and Skills Training.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy usually consists of one or more therapists with around 8 to 12 addicts together. As all of the addicts are going through the same addiction problem, they can relate to each other. It creates a non-judgmental environment in which the addicts can confront their fears and issues, and overcome them.

Group therapies are mostly of three types. One consists of mixed gender and other two are either male or female group therapies. Some addicts benefit from mixed gender group therapy, while others feel more comfortable in gender based groups.

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