Florida Drug Rehab Center: Signs of Drug Relapse

Orlando Vargas

Relapse is a slow process that begins long before you actually use a drug. Drug rehabs in Florida educate you about the various circumstances where you can relapse and how to avoid them. It is important to recognize the following relapse warning signs and take action to keep them from making you an addict again.

Change in Attitude

You may decide against participating in your recovery program as it may not seem important you anymore. You may return to addictive thinking; you feel something is wrong but you can’t identify what it is.

Elevated Stress

Stress has become a major part of our lives. Be careful if you experience mood swings and positive or negative impulses. This may lead you to over reacting. Drug rehab center in Florida can help you in relieving stress through medication and meditation.

Denial Strikes Back

Denying that stress is not getting the best of you is similar to being in denial of drug addiction. Share your feelings with others to seek support and help you face stress.

Recurrence of Withdrawal Symptoms

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness and memory loss can occur long after you quit doing drugs. These symptoms can occur during times of stress, and you may be tempted to self medicate them with drugs.

Behavior Change

You may begin to change the daily schedule you created to help you live a healthy lifestyle. You can begin using poor judgment and causing problems due to not thinking things through. Attending counseling in drug rehabs center in Florida can help you in maintaining your healthy routine.

Social Breakdown

You may start to make excuses to not socialize. You avoid your healthy friends and family members. You stop going to support group meetings and cut yourself from anything that has helped you recover.

Loss of Structure

You start to abandon the daily schedule you developed while in recovery. You stop making constructive plans and when the plans you do make don’t work out, you overreact.

Loss of Judgment

You find it hard to manage yourself physically and emotionally. You feel overwhelmed over the fact that you find trouble in making decisions, which can lead to depression or rage.

Loss of Control

You begin to cut off people who can help you. You start to believe that you can return to your social drug use and you can control it. You start losing hope and the ability to manage your life.

Loss of Options

You stop taking treatments and stop attending meetings with your support groups. This leads to loneliness, stress, helplessness and rage. You start believing that the only ways out are suicide or medicating yourself with drugs.


You attempt social drug use, but you are disappointed that you cannot control it. This guilt causes your drug use to get out of control, increasing problems with relationships, jobs, money, mental and physical health.

Recovery from drug abuse is a huge accomplishment. For life-long sobriety, you need to have determination and faith in the program you choose. Drug rehab center in Florida provides you with programs custom made to your needs to help you recover with minimum chances of a relapse.

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