Florida Drug Rehab Center Uses Cognitive Therapy

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Among numerous therapies and treatments offered by the drug rehab centers in Florida, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has always been perfect for treating panic attacks, anxieties, phobias, and OCD (Obsessive Compulsion Disorder) as well as drug and alcohol addiction.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavior Therapy, abbreviated as CBT, is a psychotherapeutic treatment, used in drug rehab center Florida, that focuses on behaviors and feelings of an addict. Instead of discussing the past issues, it treats the patients regarding the situations that the patient undergoes here and now. It is commonly used to eradicate feelings and hopelessness from the patients’ mind that lead to substance abuse.

For those people whose thoughts are driven by surroundings, CBT makes them realize the worst situations in which they are more likely to have drugs. A simple way of doing this is talking about how you feel regarding other people in your surrounding and how they affect your feelings and behavior.

What Are The Uses Of CBT?

CBT has been used for the recovery of a wider range of problems and disorders. Any kind of stress, pain, fatigue, addiction, phobia, or panic attacks can be cured by the CBT sessions. People who are best with self-analysis, CBT works well with them because it requires time and effort for analyzing thoughts and behaviors. Moreover, those who seek to get short-term treatment program, CBT is best, as it does not require any medication and it lasts for a couple of days.

How Does CBT Works?

Some of the experts in drug rehab center in Florida devise strategies for analyzing patients’ problems and breaking them into smaller parts like emotion, thought, feelings, actions, and situations. These will help in formulating better plans for quick recovery.

Eradicating Negativity from Mind

CBT helps in removing the negative cycle of thoughts that make you feel bad, scared, or anxious about anything. There are always two perspectives of looking things in case of any failure or problem; you can be depressed or hopeless that things will not get better ever or you can choose to move on by learning through the mistakes and negative effects. CBT aims to improve the negative cycle and helps you tackle your problems in a manageable way.

Exposure Therapy

For people in drug rehab center Florida who suffer mainly from OCD and phobia, CBT is the best therapy that provides the treatment in more structural and methodological way. In exposure therapy, firstly the patient is exposed to the factors that causes anxiety and distress and kept under this condition for an hour or two until the anxiety decreases. Once the patient becomes tolerant enough to face this exposure twice or thrice a day, he/she will be able to tackle his problems in future.

The exposure therapy lasts longer and can be held in clinic, somewhere outside at your home.

CBT Sessions

A typical drug rehab center in Florida will first test that whether the CBT session is suitable for a particular patient or not. If the patient is comfortable with it, the therapist will ask questions about their lives, and their likes and dislikes. For all your unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, your therapist will help you work on them. A CBT session usually last for 30 – 60 minutes weekly or fortnightly basis and continue for a couple of weeks.

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