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Drug abuse is a common issue faced by millions of people in the country that are in need of drug rehab Orlando. With the ever increasing number of drug users, reaching out and providing drug rehab Orlando  treatment to every one of them simply isn’t possible. The majority of people who struggle with addiction have never received professional help through a drug rehab Orlando. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHA), a mere 10% receive the help they need.

The following reviews the different types of drug rehab Orlando which you will find helpful if you have a loved one currently suffering from this issue and wish to send them to drug rehab Orlando.

  • Residential drug abuse treatment

This is a drug rehab Orlando program which is in-house; the individual receives onsite treatment and has to live at the drug rehab center for a period of time ranging from 30 days to 90 days. There are a variety of drug rehab Orlando which are offering residential drug abuse treatment to its patients.

The advantages of an individual admitted to these drug rehab Orlando is that they are provided with 24 hour care and hourly activities which involve detoxing, meditation techniques, exercises, healthy recreation and much more. A residential drug rehab Orlando treatment center provides the individual a safe place where they can free themselves of the temptation that would surround them at home, and focus only on their recovery.

  • Outpatient drug abuse treatment centers

Outpatient care is given to individuals who prefer to or have to live at their homes throughout the recovery process. Treatment at outpatient drug rehab Orlando is advisable for mild drug abuse or for those who have been using for a shorter period. It is not feasible for those suffering from severe addiction.

At outpatient drug rehab Orlando, the individual returns to his home after spending the day at the treatment center.

  • Dual diagnosis drug abuse treatment centers.

Individuals suffering from a mental disorder such as depression while also struggling with a repetitive drug abuse problem are referred to such programs where both issues are treated together. The staff at such drug rehab Orlando includes psychologists and professionals who treat addiction. The staff works together to provide the best possible care for the patients. If your loved one is suffering from more than just addiction, these kinds of treatment centers are best suited for them.

  • Teen drug abuse treatment centers

A growing population of teens is a victim of drug abuse; it is essential for parents to encourage them into getting treated at a drug rehab Orlando. Teens have a different set of needs from adults; they use drugs for a completely different purpose. There are separate drug rehab Orlando which specifically cater to teenagers and adolescents. They are more casual, have different facilities, and provide the best chance for teens to gain control of their lives.

  • Treatment centers for women

Women are worried for their physical safety at a facility that caters to both genders. Treatment centers for women overcome this concern and cater to the issues which affect women specifically.

To ensure you or your loved one receives the right treatment from the right drug rehab Orlando, keep in mind some of the advice mentioned above.

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