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Because of our experience providing drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment services in Orlando Florida we know that hash is a very unknown drug. Hash, the concentrated form of marijuana, is made by collecting and compressing the resins from the cannabis plant into sticks, balls or blocks. As compared to marijuana, hash has greater tetra-hydrocannabinol (THC), the intoxicating ingredient in cannabis, present in smaller amounts. Hash, also known as hashish, boom, chronic, gangster or hemp is a hard, dry, crumbly substance that is usually brown or dark yellow.

Hash oil is also available in small glass bottles that can be trickled on cigarettes before smoking. Hashish is abused by crushing the block into a fine powder and mixing it with herbs or tobacco and smoked. Some people might even eat hashish by mixing it with eatables such as brownies!

Effects of Hashish Use

Hash, just like marijuana, causes damage to lungs when smoked. The THC present is hashish is fat soluble which means that it stays in the body for long. Hashish causes the same euphoric and drowsy sensation and can be quite addictive both physically and psychologically. Hash is used to relive stress because of its relaxing effects and moves a person away from real life’s problems. Long term use of hash can affect legal status, job security, relationship and health. Heavy users of hash can develop paranoia and hallucinations. Teenagers who smoke hash tend to concentrate less on their education and sports activities.

Symptoms of Hash Abuse

  • Slowed Thinking And Reaction Time
  • Confusion
  • Loss Of An Accurate Time Sense
  • Impaired Balance And Coordination
  • Drowsiness
  • Cough
  • Loss Of Ability To Concentrate And Complete Tasks
  • Frequent Respiratory Infections
  • Impaired Memory And Learning
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Lowered Motivation
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • ‘I don’t care’ attitude
  • Stillborn births
  • Early termination of their pregnancies

Drug Rehab Orlando Florida For Hash Treatment

Hashish can pave a road for substance abuse of heavier drugs but if treatment is taken soon through an effective rehabilitation program, addicts can be saved. Treatment at a drug addiction treatment center can remove the intoxicating components of hash that are stored in fatty tissue. These residues can continue to affect the brain even after you have stopped taking hash for months. With a sauna detoxification with nutritional supplements and moderate exercise, the drug residues can be eliminated.

A Christian drug rehab center focuses on spiritual healing of an addict to remove the cravings for drugs. With healing through psychological, spiritual and physical means, addicts can start a new life of sobriety and righteousness. These rehabs believe that addiction is spiritual in nature and can only be treated with the process of reconnecting with God. A Christian drug rehab center instills a person’s faith in God which helps him/her to overcome fears as the Bible teaches. The Christian treatment centers are successful at transforming the lives of many addicts by helping them overcome emotional addiction and spiritual addiction.

If you care for someone who is addicted to using hashish, help them reach a drug rehab today! Contact us at 1-888-796-8040. House if Freedom is a CARF accredited drug and alcohol rehab center in Orlando Florida. It’s more that 20 year experience has made House of Freedom a leader in substance abuse treatment in Orlando Florida. GET HELP NOW! 1-888-796-8040. God bless.

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