Having a Family Member in a Florida Drug Rehab Center

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When a member of your family, a loved one, gets admitted in a Florida drug rehab center, it may be because of an intervention or because the addict himself has decided to seek help. Either way, acceptance and dealing with such an issue at hand can be very stressful for other family members also.

The rehab centers in Florida seek to help family members of the patient as well in coping with their concerns and misconceptions regarding the treatment. Like the addicted person, they, too, need to understand the drug problem and the recovery process.

Seeking Professional Help

Even though it is natural for family members to feel overprotective, the first step to calm down and relax is to acknowledge the nature of treatment in a Florida drug rehab center as professional: the staff is trained to look after patients, helping them recover from his drug abuse problems. They are to be considered a support group, including medical assistance and individual counseling, for patients.

The Family Sessions

Primarily, the family can help a loved one by contributing to building the patient’s case history as their addiction is assessed and evaluated.

Secondly, in weekly therapy sessions, the setting brings together a small group of patients with their family members or, in some cases, just their partners to consider positive ways of dealing with their emotional upheaval. They are asked to be honest when communicating with each other and the therapist available about the problem, the root cause, the triggers, the way it has affected them, and while considering the different ways of maintaining sobriety. Repairing the bonds of trust and cooperation in these co-dependent relationships increases chances for a quick recovery of the family as a whole and the patient in particular.

Moreover, since families do not have the necessary awareness regarding drug abuse, the drug centers encourage them to take part in the educational programs that are offered to give them knowledge about substance abuse (symptoms, causes and effects), recovery issues for the family along with the addicted person, relapse and how to avoid it.

The Responsibilities

The family sessions play the major role in providing support to their loved one and not shunning them altogether. If the treatment opted for is an outpatient one, there should be changes to promote a healthy lifestyle; if the family cannot refrain from drug (e.g. prescription meds) or alcohol consumption in front of the addict, then it is best to request for another residential or medical facility. However, if the addict opts for an in-patient treatment, the family can show their support and affection through letters, phone calls, and visiting them at the rehab centers.

The aim should be to keep their mind off cravings and temptations at all costs. Also, keeping note of the patient’s emotional, psychological and physical changes, any negative judgments should be avoided for they may lead to drug or alcohol abuse again. The positive attitude should not be restricted to the rehab only but continue after that even to avoid relapse issues.

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