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House of Freedom has been providing drug and alcohol rehab services in Orlando Florida for more than 20 years. In our experience we have helped many individuals with their heroin addiction. ‘Heroin’ is a term most of us are familiar with. Made from a blend of opium flowers from poppy plants, this street drug is known to have miserably influenced the life of millions. Those suffering from heroin abuse succumb to an addiction so overpowering that, if untreated, often an individual is left dependent for life. This makes it all the more important to address and curb such illicit drug usage.

Heroin Addiction – A Growing Epidemic

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, in the year 2011 alone, a total of 3.1 million initiates of drug abuse were reported. Out of these 3.1 million, a shocking percentage of individuals chose heroin to embark on their journey to everlasting despair. The following is intended to educate individuals about heroin addiction so as to identify a loved or dear one who has fallen prey to it and needs help.

Heroin comes in a variety of forms. Its appearance can change vastly depending on its quality and the method used for its production. However, the main colors are briefly listed below.

  • Dark brown: Heroin that is dark brown in color is smoked.
  • White: This is in the form of powder and is consumed through injections or snorting.
  • Black tar: As the name implies, it is deep black in color and sticky (quite similar to the tar used for making roofs). This form is also smoked.

What Causes Heroin Addiction

In order to comprehend what earns heroin its addictive nature, it is worth-mentioning that heroin belongs to the classification of drugs commonly known as ‘opiates’. Health providers prescribe opiates as they have strong pain-killing abilities. However, legal opiates prescribed by physicians include quantities of morphine and codeine. Otherwise, opium is its real form is too strong to be consumed safely without instant addiction.
What actually happens is that heroin allows users to experience an instant euphoric high. At the same time, the individual feels utterly relaxed. As the effect of heroin starts wearing off, an individual may feel drowsiness, vomiting or nausea.

Why Addicts Prefer Injecting It

Addicts are more likely to start injecting heroin even if it was smoking that they first started off with. This is because the high experienced through injection in irresistibly instantaneous. After doing it only a few times, addicts feel the need to inject themselves several times at regular intervals during the day.

Tell Tale Signs of a Heroin Addict

It is common for individuals to try to hide their heroin dependency. However, if an individual is injecting himself, hiding it could be a little hard to accomplish. Repeated heroin injections result in what is known as ‘trace marks’. They are quite visible scars that may last a lifetime even after an individual has overcome his dependency.
Health Consequences

Heroin addiction is such that if an individual tries to resist it, he experiences the following.

  • Extreme mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Overwhelming fear
  • Profuse sweating
  • Muscle pain
  • Cramps in stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Relapse often happens because individuals start viewing heroin as a solution and fail to acknowledge that it is, in fact, the root of their jeopardized health. Heroin addiction, like all the other sorts of addiction, may be hard to heal. Instead of making efforts on your own, it is recommended to seek inpatient drug treatment centers in Orlando Florida. These inpatient drug treatment centers offer a ray of hope for those who have lost all hope for a normal life.

House of Freedom offers inpatient residential drug and alcohol treatment programs on Orlando Florida. If you or a loved one is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and need addiction treatment in Orlando Florida, please contact us at 1-888-796-8040. GET HELP NOW!!

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