How to Remain Clean After Drug Rehab Florida

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You have successfully completed your rehab stint in a drug rehab center in Florida. You are a little nervous to step back into the world. Your friends and family are there to support you and you are ready to get your life back on track. These 7 steps will tell you how you can continue to succeed in being clean after drug rehab.

1. Find New Friends

Drug addiction is a result of peer pressure. The pressure you felt to use drugs, in the first place, came from the people you once chose to call friends. Your old circle of friends enjoyed drugs as a form of release and when you tried, you fell into a drug spiral. Now, you have established a drug free life for yourself. In order for you to avoid relapse, you need to find new sober friends who don’t need drugs to have fun.

2. Inspect Your Neighborhood

Your neighborhood and your house hold bad memories of the times when you collapsed on the couch or the time when you threw a bottle at a neighbor while you were stoned. Maybe, knowing that there is a drug dealer just around the block could be enough incentive for you to pack up and move. Your goal is to stay away from temptation and moving to a new neighborhood could mean a new life.

3. Seek Therapy

A drug rehabilitation will help you get sober and slowly will unleash you to face sobriety alone.  In order for the therapy to continue you should regularly go to a therapist to help you transition into this new life. Therapy will help you face challenges at work, set future goals, strengthen skills, deal with family, and teach you to handle relapse.

4. Focus on Your Mental Wellbeing

Life is not free without the daily stress of work, problems, family, friends, and school. Transitioning back into your old life will continuously challenge your willpower to remain sober. You have to fight it! Try putting your negative energy to good use by taking up hobbies to keep you busy. You can also try incorporating exercise into your daily routine by going biking or jogging in the morning.

5. Join a Support Group

Meeting people who understand what you went through can help motivate you to stay strong. Plus, you can share stories about your battle with drug addiction with them. If you want to stay committed to being sober, then don’t skip a support group meeting because they are vita for your success.

6. Pay it Forward

Have your recovery story inspire others. Help people struggling with drug addiction create their own recovery story. Inform them about drug rehab centers in Florida that help people achieve sobriety. Helping others recover will make your willpower to stay away from drugs stronger.

7. Learn to Spot Signs of Relapse

In the end, you have to remember that you are a human being and realize that relapse happens. You will need to spot indicators that make you want to use drugs. Indicators like the feeling of sadness or anger. If you think you are about to relapse then you should visit a sober friend or your support group.

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