Inpatient Drug Rehab Orlando Florida Friend Abusing Drugs?

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Drug abuse is an increasing problem that is faced by a large number of individuals today that need drug rehab services. While these people themselves don’t pay much attention to their symptoms, remaining in denial until it is too late, their friends and family members often catch up on their condition and try to convince them to take help and visit inpatient drug rehab in Orlando Florida.

While your friend or family member might not be aware of their addiction, or they might be trying to downplay or conceal it so that they are not forced to give it up, you can easily guess that they are abusing drugs by looking for the following physical, psychological and behavioral symptoms:

Drug Addiction Symptoms 1 – Physical Changes in Drug Abusers

Mostly all people who abuse drugs show some physical signs that can be a clear giveaway of their condition. Among these, having red bloodshot eyes with pupils of an abnormal size, is the most common one. Presence of a regular pungent smell on the body or breath of an individual also indicates excessive use of a substance.
Another common thing that can be noticed about the abusers is the sudden abnormal loss or gain of weight and change in their sleeping and eating patterns. Abusers usually tend to sleep and eat less, losing both their appetite and sleep as they get more and more addicted.

Problems in movement coordination and speech are also indications that a person is taking drugs or alcohol in an unusual amount. Also, abusers tend to lose track of their appearance and grooming and their deterioration can be easily detected. Noticing any of these signs clearly indicate drug abuse and you should consider Orlando inpatient drug rehab in Florida for the person involved.

Drug Addiction Symptoms 2 – Changes in the Behavior of Drug Abusers

Temperamental changes are quite common in abusers including loss of temper at the slightest issues and getting into fights frequently. Change in the social circle is also one thing that can be noticed about abusers since they often like to hang-out with others who abuse substances rather than their usual friends. Moreover, abusers tend to lose the interest in socializing at all, preferring to stay alone or secretive.

The need for secrecy arises from the fear or embarrassment of getting caught. Due to the loss of coherency and the need to stay alone, abusers often start missing on their daily activities such as attending school or going to work. Another very common change that can easily be caught is the constant increase in the financial needs of these people, since they require money to keep up with their drugs. If you can see any of these changes in a loved one, it is better to consult inpatient drug rehab in Orlando Florida at the right time.

Drug Addiction Symptoms 3 – Psychological Changes Experienced by Abusers

People who are abusing drugs experience huge changes in their attitudes and personality. Sudden mood swings are some of the most common and noticeable changes that you can catch in drug abusers. Spacing out at different times or appearing extremely de-motivated is also common in these people.

Drug abusers also experience baseless paranoia and anxiousness at times, and might seem fearful of quite normal things. Constant fretting and irritation, and lack of confidence in self are quite common conditions in drug abusers. People who are experiencing these symptoms should be taken to Orlando inpatient drug rehab in Florida before the addiction gets a strong hold on them.

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