Inpatient Drug Rehab Orlando Florida What to Expect

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When going to a substance abuse treatment services center for inpatient drug rehab in Orlando Florida, a lot of people don’t know what to expect out of it. Most people have a pile of misconceptions about these residential facilities, making them out as some kind of a prison. It is important to understand that you can leave a center for inpatient drug rehab in Orlando Florida at any time you want.

This is one thing many people don’t know about these centers; there are no locks on the door. If you finally decide to stay in these centers, unless you have successfully defeated your addiction, here is what you can expect:

Orlando Drug Rehab – Detoxification Treatment

The very first thing rehab centers would require you to do is to go through a detoxification program in order to get clean and sober. A number of centers for inpatient drug rehab in Orlando Florida offer these detoxification programs as a part of their treatment plan.

However, some residential facilities also require you to go through the detoxification treatment prior to your admission into the facility so that they can help you deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

Orlando Drug Rehab – Education, Counseling and Therapy

Centers for inpatient drug rehab in Orlando Florida do not only treat your body from the effects of addiction, but also ensure that your mental health is stable after you become sober. Almost all rehab programs aim to instigate a sense of acceptance in their patients regarding their addiction; the more you stay in denial, the higher will be your chances of a relapse.

The purpose of inpatient drug rehab in Orlando Florida is not just to help individuals deal with withdrawal symptoms but also to educate them about their addictions, trying to discover the main reasons behind it and striving to change their attitudes about the drugs. Individuals are subjected to individual and group counseling, where they can learn to cope with their addiction over a long time after leaving the facility, learning from others how they successfully defeated their addiction.

Orlando Drug Rehab – Aftercare Programs

Inpatient drug rehab in Orlando Florida requires you to stay at their facility for a few days, helping you to cope with the withdrawal symptoms effectively. Once you have gone past the stage of succumbing to these symptoms, you are allowed to leave the facility. Once you leave the facility, however, there are chances that you might revert back to your addiction.

Therefore, many successful rehab programs include aftercare plan as a part of their treatment, ensuring that individuals stay sober even after leaving the facility. These plans include outpatient treatments, counseling and informative sessions conducted to keep the individual motivated.

Orlando Drug Rehab – Residential Facilities

The residential facilities provided by each of these centers can be completely different from each other. From a basic camp style setting to a luxurious and grand facility, you can get a setting that you want and you can afford.
Depending on what type of settings your center for inpatient drug rehab in Orlando Florida is offering you, your rehab costs can vary widely, so make sure you select a rehab center carefully. But in the end, facility settings have little to do with the effectiveness of their treatment.

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