Inpatient vs. Outpatient Drug Rehab Orlando

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Every drug rehab in Orlando is either an inpatient program or an outpatient program. There are significant differences between the two, and choosing a suitable one of them depends on your addiction level. Generally, an inpatient program is suitable for those who are highly addicted and have been a victim for quite some time. On the other hand, an outpatient program is effective if the addiction level is not that high.

Inpatient Drug Program

An inpatient drug rehab in Orlando requires you to stay at the facility until the treatment is over so that it can provide you with support 24/7. The program provides you psychiatric treatment and also helps you maintain your physical and mental health. Usually the program lasts from around a month to three months depending on your recovery pace.

The most notable advantage of an inpatient program compared to an outpatient program, is the fact that you receive constant medical attention throughout the time you are there. Before actual treatment begins, detoxification is conducted and you have to put your drug usage to a stop. During this, you are constantly monitored and if your health declines, you are provided with the assistance you need.

An inpatient program is every effective and is properly structured. Treatment is carried out in different phases for more pronounced results. The atmosphere at the facility is controlled and there are no distractions or stressors of any sort. All this features are probably why an inpatient program has a high success rate.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

An outpatient drug rehab in Orlando does not require you to stay at the centre, so you can continue your work or school even during the treatment.  The exact treatment plans varies with your needs and ion the facility you choose, but you would probably have to meet with addiction and counseling specialists for a couple of hours three or four times a week. Your treatment plan may either be bases on one – on – one sessions or group therapy. At times, your family may also be involved so that they can provide you with support when you are at home.

An outpatient program does not always succeed in addressing your needs or concerns if you are highly effective. Nevertheless, the program offers flexibility and once the sessions are over, you can do whatever you like. The costs incurred are also less compared to inpatient treatment, and so many people prefer an outpatient drug rehab.

Choosing a Suitable Drug Program

An inpatient and outpatient drug rehab can both be beneficial if the program succeeds in meeting your needs. Here is how you can choose a suitable option.

  • Consider your budget and the amount you are willing to spend. As already mentioned, outpatient programs are less expensive.
  • Flexibility is possible only with an outpatient program. During inpatient treatment, you would have to do whatever you are told under constant supervision.
  • An outpatient program may require extra efforts on your part since you would have to manage your cravings by yourself.
  • If you are highly addicted, go for an inpatient program.

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