Luxury Drug Rehab Center in Florida

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When addicts seek help treatment at drug rehab centers in Florida, many are in fact hoping for facilities that come under luxury recovery programs. They prioritize personal preference to just their need of dealing with addiction problems.

A luxury rehab center in Florida is most likely to be situated at beach or some other secluded yet exotic area of the country and offers services and activities such as aroma therapy, yoga, acupuncture, private rooms with room services, spa treatment, gym, library, and outdoor sports etc. that are usually available only in luxurious hotels.

Even as you keep note of the success rates of these programs, it will be better to know the program length and methods of treatment.


Most of the luxury rehabs offer their patients in-house treatment programs. They are mostly 28-90 days long varying with the patient’s needs of more counseling and professional supervision for remaining drug-free. The 30-days program is for treating weak addictions while the 90-days is for the most serious cases. Each patient will have their own program managers to discuss their schedules with.


Dealing with different drug addictions on an individual basis requires a medical facility to use various methods of treatment during detoxification, recovery and rehabilitation periods. In addition to the traditional treatment program, luxury rehabs provide other advantages too when dealing with addiction cases.

Alcohol Treatment: Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to a variety of physical as well as psychological problems. Up-scale treatment for alcoholism gets you experts who make sure that the recovery is effectively smooth and swift and at your comfort level. The staff is trained and active to ensure a 24/7 care and support system because alcohol has violent withdrawal symptoms such as uncontrolled shaking.

Living in a secluded place for some time will make you able to resist temptations later on. With no stressors and nothing to trigger your desire, you can redirect your system to relax in healthier ways like swimming or taking a massage.

Substance Abuse Treatment: For drug abusers of substances like cocaine, crack, meth, ecstasy, heroin, and marijuana, or prescription drugs even, the Florida drug rehab center offers professional care either through holistic or through specific neurological treatments. Some behavioral treatments for cocaine, for example, include cognitive behavioral therapy and contingency management.

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