Managing Impulses at Drug Rehab Center in Florida

Orlando Vargas

As drug rehab center Florida experts we know that recovering from substance abuse cannot happen in the blink of an eye even at a drug rehab center. Success rates tend to cover up the difficulty addicts actually face when controlling urges and fighting off withdrawal symptoms to become sober, either for the first time or after having a relapse.

A person becomes a drug addict due to various reasons – emotional, psychological, and biological issues that are casually overlooked in most cases. Managing impulses for drugs whether it’s to calm down, forget problems at hand, or avoid painful emotions, would definitely improve the person’s ability to function and be able to contribute productively.

Based on individual needs and cases of patients, drug rehab centers at Florida incorporate extensive management techniques to help patients through their recovery process.

Medications can be used to control the initial cravings and any chemically-reinforced highs the addict may be facing. For example, methadone is a drug that controls craving for the opiate drug in patients. But, medicines alone are not suitable and/or effective to achieve a long-term abstinence. For this reason, therapy sessions are combined with other programs that specifically focus on dealing with the person’s underlying conflicts and instill in them skills that can divert their attention from triggers and stressors to activities that encourage a healthy and constructive flow of positive energy towards them.

One of the most commonly used therapies, in drug rehab center in Florida, is cognitive behavior psychotherapy. This makes it possible to teach them to cope with their basic issues by identifying those situations that bother them, understanding how and why they are affected by those situations, and changing their style of living to avoid them. It allows patients to relearn positive habits and behavioral responses to negative ideas and stressful confrontations. Mental processes that have been damaged as a result of drug abuse are modified and learnt again as well.

A dynamic psychotherapy would enable patients to develop effective coping mechanisms in the face of conflicting situations and avoid resorting to drug abuse.

Next, help is needed at the social level for the individual to survive without having these urges. This is assisted by conducting group therapy sessions, at drug rehab centers in Florida, where people with similar problems of being socially-stigmatized find support and new ways of maintaining their strengths without resorting to drug or alcohol abuse.

Last but not the least, creative therapies like art or music therapy provide patients a chance to allow new desires to develop, thereby rendering drug usage unnecessary.

A number of the techniques that addicts use to relax during intense drug cravings include:

  • Being involved in some sort of physical exercises (including running, walking, jumping rope)
  • Being involved in meditation and yoga exercises
  • Having pets around them
  • Going for a massage
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Avoiding people and places that have drugs available
  • Avoiding prescription drugs such as painkillers and anti-anxiety
  • Taking up a hobby
  • Talking to friends or family
  • Challenging the positive thoughts regarding drug use.

Rehab centers are facilitated to help addicts recover at their own pace. Patients are instructed and helped to deal with every situation they have previously experienced and that has resulted in making them impulsive users of drugs.

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