Orlando Drug Rehab – A Guide to Drug Intervention

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Are you or anyone you know suffering from drug abuse and need a drug rehab in Orlando? Are you not sure from where you can get help? Try as you may drug abuse is a disease and it can be treated only when you avail services from a drug rehab Orlando.  Until you do this, there is very little chance you will get sober again. Contact these centers and you will be assigned a drug interventionist, who can help you put a stop to your bad habit.

What is an intervention program?

Though a drug intervention program is offered by every drug rehab Orlando, the programs do vary in their details. Generally, an intervention program is a complete treatment course that is aimed at providing addicts with education and skills they will require to overcome their problem. Such a program, may also require resources so as to ascertain that the individual is able to resist drugs in future as well.

A typical drug intervention service is initiated in a calm manner with the main goal being to aid the patient in becoming sober. Often people regard such a program to involve only confrontation, but that is not so. A drug interventionist is trained such that he can force addicts to listen to him and open up with him.

The success of an intervention program depends not only on the interventionist but on the patient as well. The patient must realize he has a problem and must be willing to put it right. With the patient’s cooperation, quicker recovery can be achieved. Cooperation from family members is also required.

What happens during an intervention?

Generally, an addicted person does not even listen to and respond to his loved ones. An interventionist is trained with just this, and he can help the addicted individual in confronting the people closest to him. In the process, the patient is given the realization that he has a problem and he must deal with it soon enough. The entire intervention session is conducted by trained individuals who often have a meeting with family members before the actual session itself.

Is a drug intervention is necessary?

A drug intervention is not necessary only for those individuals who realize they have a problem and become keen to solve it. In all other cases in which the patient cannot even recognize he has an issue to deal with, he must go through an intervention.  The interventionist helps him cope with his situation and makes him recognize the negative affects abuse has in his life.

There are certain warning signs that if present, do signal an intervention.

  • The body weight of a person changes rapidly.
  • A person fails in maintaining proper hygiene.
  • A person does not keep his promises.
  • A person withdraws himself from everyone else, and starts leading a secluded life.
  • An individual gets involved in crime.
  • A person uses drugs frequently yet does not admit he is suffering from abuse.

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