Orlando Drug Rehab: All You Need to Know about Marijuana

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In our Orlando drug rehab center we teach the following to our patients.  Marijuana, which also has other famous names like pot, grass, herb and weed, is made from the Cannabis sativa plant which generates delta-9-trahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary ingredient which causes intoxication. It is the most common illegal drug consumed in United States. People generally have misconception that marijuana use is not drug abuse, but the statistics from drug rehab centers in Orlando has shown that the mere usage of Marijuana causes drug addiction and abuse.

People consider Marijuana as safer and harmless than other kinds of drugs. They refuse to accept the fact that continued Marijuana usage causes psychological and physical problems. Although in reality Marijuana, being a hallucinogen, is highly addictive and harmful. It is generally smoked, although some people consume it with food. It provides the addict relaxation and pleasure along with impaired memory and coordination.

Facts and addiction Symptoms about Marijuana

Marijuana is emotionally, physically and mentally addictive drug. When you start consuming Marijuana, your brain makes you think of nothing else except the drug and gives you cravings. You can only function in your normal way until you consume the drug. The addiction of Marijuana compels the addict to think that the drug can only solve their problem, which results in constant abuse.  Following are the addiction symptoms which are face by Marijuana addicts:


People who are addicted to Marijuana abuse need higher quantity of Marijuana to achieve their intoxication level. Their tolerance level increases as they want more and more amount of the drug to feel normal. This result in dangerous Marijuana abuse, making them consume in larger amounts in frequent periods.

Unable To Stop Consuming Marijuana

Sometimes addicts want to stop using the drug Marijuana because of its dangerous mental and physical effects. But due to their addiction they are unable to do so. Addiction makes them craving for consuming more and more.

Reduced Recreational Activities

Due to Marijuana addiction, the person social and occupational activities decrease. The addict becomes separated from his previous social group. Addicts end up wasting money on the drug and spending more time with similar people who are addicted to Marijuana.

Mental Illness

Marijuana users experience a lasting mental disease. The behavior of the addict also changes due to the intoxication caused by Marijuana. The initial psychological suffering faced by Marijuana addicts is panic, anxiety and paranoia. If the addict tries to stop consuming the drug, he experiences withdrawal symptoms which make him consume the drug again.  In Order to stop the drug dependence, the help of a professional is needed. The best treatments for Marijuana addiction are offered by the drug rehab centers in Orlando.

More Harmful Than Tobacco

Marijuana chafes lungs more than tobacco and contains more cancerous chemicals. The statistics show that Marijuana users are at great risk of developing lung cancer.  It has risks of advancing addicts to usage or cocaine and heroin.

Experience Psychosis

Marijuana addicts often consume large doses due to tolerance which lead them to acute psychosis. Acute psychosis is the condition in which addicts experience delusions, hallucinations and loss of personal identity.


Marijuana has many dangerous and impairing long term side effects too which include growth disorders, abnormal cells in body, lower immune system and so on. Marijuana addicts are usually left with no other chance than to consult a professional to withdraw from this drug independence. Mostly a long term treatment program with psychological guidance is needed which are offered in drug rehab centers in Orlando.

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