Orlando Drug Rehab – Why Do People Relapse?

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Relapse is when a person who has gone to a drug rehab in Orlando and completed their drug rehabilitation treatment goes back to using drugs after a few months or years. The question is, what factors lead a person to go back to their old drug induced habits?

Refusal to Leave the Past Behind

A person just out of recovery goes through a tough time transitioning back into their old lives. Making new friends becomes difficult and they seek solace with their old group of friends. Old friends were the reason they started doing drugs and the reason their family held an intervention for them. If they don’t let go of their past lives then they are likely to relapse again. Their adamant refusal to leave the past can lead them to relapse back into the world of drugs. They should make a change.

They should replace their past with new people, new neighborhood, and find new places to hang out. They should make it their goal to hang out around sober people like friends, family, and close relatives.

An Undiagnosed Psychiatric Disorder

Studies show that many people struggle with substance addiction relapse more often because doctors have not been able to diagnose their condition. Such people usually suffer from disorders such as severe anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder.

These disorders often go undetected and can lead to a person relapsing and taking up drugs. A person who struggles with drug problems should consult a psychiatrist who can properly identify the disorder and diagnose them.

Their Life is Full of Stress

A drug rehab center in Orlando offers a calm and serene environment for the person to cope with withdrawal and to recover. When they leave the rehab center, they have to face the daily challenges of life, such as death in the family, unemployment, break-up, or divorce etc. They tend to seek an easy way out and end up using drugs again. Instead, when they feel like life is closing in around them they should seek counseling.

Counseling can help keep their impulsive behavior in check and will assist them through the stress they endure due to problems at work, with family, or at school.

Getting into a New Relationship

Finding someone is a thrilling experience, but for a recovering addict it can test a person’s tolerance level. A healthy relationship can turn into an unhealthy one if you find out your significant other occasionally dabbles in drugs or you find out they cheated on you. Even minor setbacks or conflicts in a relationship can result in the relapse of a former addict. If you do not like feeling alone, you can always buy a dog or cat.

You can take the dog for a walk and spend time playing fetch with them in the park. Build smaller relationships, before you form an important one.

If you know someone that has just been out of recovery, then you should support and encourage them throughout their post-recovery process.

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