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According to drug rehab center Orlando Florida crystal meth is one of the most popular drugs in the United States, and many of its users need immediate drug rehabilitation services. The name “crystal meth” is short for methamphetamine. This drug has been in existence for over 100 years and was first developed in Japan. It might be hard to believe that this drug has its origins in Japan because the country has very strict laws. But back then it was used for a different purpose. Today crystal meth is primarily used as a recreational drug. Despite the harmful effects of meth on the mind and body it still continues to be used and developed on a large scale. Let’s take a detailed look at the history of crystal meth.

Orlando Outpatient Drug Treatment Meth History – Land of the Rising Sun

Meth was first synthesized in Germany in 1887. However it wasn’t until the world war period in 1919 that it came to use. According to outpatient drug treatment center Orlando the drug was first used as medicine to cure all sorts of diseases from fatigue to depression. Pilots were given high doses of the drug before they went on missions. Later this drug would go onto be used for commercial purposes.

Orlando Outpatient Drug Treatment Meth History – Commercial Usage

Once the drug had gained popularity it was then used as medicine and sold over the counter. At this time it was still legal since the full scale effects of the drug were unknown. In 1930 a Benzedrine inhaler became available and most people used it to get high. This inhaler was obviously injected with meth. In 1937 a pill form of meth was introduced and it was available as a prescribed drug. Doctors at drug rehab center Orlando Florida believe that it was used to cure (ADHD) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Orlando Outpatient Drug Treatment Meth History – World War 2 and Later Usage

According to researchers at outpatient drug treatment center Orlando by the time World War 2 approached, crystal meth had become very popular. It was used by the military to keep fighting men active during the war. Soon after the war the drug was made available to the general public. By the 50’s the drug was available in the form of legally manufactured tablets.

Orlando Outpatient Drug Treatment Meth History – The 60’s and Onwards

The 60’s was a time of change in the United States. Drugs were smuggled into the country in huge quantities. Biker gangs manufactured and spread the drug across the country. Experts at drug rehab center Orlando Florida claim that the abuse of crystal meth worsened during this period.

Orlando Outpatient Drug Treatment Meth History – The Ban

In the 1970’s measures were finally taken to stop the abuse of this dangerous drug. The United States government officially banned crystal meth. Outpatient drug treatment center Orlando experts believe that since meth was a lot cheaper than other drugs like cocaine it was widely used across the country. Later in the 90’s the government carried an operation to crackdown on meth labs across the country.

Orlando Outpatient Drug Treatment Meth History – Current Scenario

Despite all the laws and regulations it seems as if nothing of significance can be done to stop the consumption of this drug. Treatment centers such as drug rehab center Orlando Florida are out there where you can seek treatment if need be.

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